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  1. powersmoke

    Guage Pillars

    My grab handle broke yesterday. So I just as well by a gauge pillar instead of another handle. How many gauges will I eventually need and where is the best place to buy these.
  2. powersmoke

    studded tires

    I know. of a single mother with 4 kids in need of 2 215 70 15 studded tires. if some one has any let me know. if I can't find any used I my buy her some for Christmas. thanks
  3. powersmoke


    I went to Ontario yesterday and had the muf removed. I really isn't any louder inside than it was before except at about 1500 rpm@50mph it has a nice rumble to it. I'm satisfied with the results, Thanks for the input . Thanks Muddy for the referral. They did a nice job in a timely manner.
  4. Source automotive :thumbup:

    Give me a shout.

  5. We were talking about gauges the other day. Which ones do you recommend

  6. powersmoke


    Change out my turbo? If it aint broke don't fix it..Please explain.
  7. powersmoke


    Is the muf 4 in on both ends? To dark to find a tape to measure but it looked like 4.
  8. powersmoke

    What are you towing???

    That would be a shame to scrap an old high boy
  9. powersmoke


    It already has the cat gone. It was off when I bought it. I think mine being a short box was my concern for the most part. I like loud if it levels out once your on the road at road speeds. And I figured it would be loud pulling the 5th wheel. Also wish it had the smartie that was on it that I found a recipe for when I bought it.If I use those wide bands ( I think I know what your talking about)If I didn't like it straight I could just put it back on with those clamp or not?
  10. powersmoke


    This probably already answered some where but not sure how to find it. If I take the muffler of my 03 will it be really loud. Or have a nice tone to it. My 97 powerstroke wait straight piped but not overly loud. Yes I have been gone for a while. Been riding the iron horse most of the summer. I've had baby blue one year back in October and have only put on about 5000 miles. To cold to ride the bike to work so now I get to enjoy her a little more.
  11. powersmoke

    My Baby is sick

    I went over to star today and it ran fine until we were headed back. We were on Hwy 16 by Firebird and it started missing. Got home and was messing with it. I couldn't get the WG to move. But wiggled the wires on the passenger valve cover gasket (the one on the rear) and it smoothed out nice. Those have been such a pain in the ass the last 3 yrs. I do how ever think that whistle is from the WG.
  12. powersmoke

    My Baby is sick

    Ok...My 97 has been running like a $2 whore after a long hard Saturday nite. Managed to get it down to the mechanic yesterday. He ran a scan on it and it had a cam censor error. OK that's only a $30 fix. Went to pick it up tonight and he said it had to other codes. PO344, 470 and 475. He said it still ran rough after changing the cam censor . So he reached up and moved the waste gate a little and it smoothed out. So he checked and said that it has 20 Lbs back pressure at an Idle and should only have 5 or less. Does the waste gate need rebuilt or what. NO I DO NOT WANT TO JUST GUT IT!!!!. Here several months ago when I rewired the EBPV to used as an Exhaust Brake I said on here that it had a whistle. My mechanic said it is coming from the waste gate....Any input. Thank
  13. powersmoke

    Dinner meet

    2300 N Washington....North edge of town on Hwy 52 catty corner to the Sinclair gas station..12:00 On Dec.1st
  14. powersmoke