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    Hi, wanted to introduce myself to y'all! I'm Bill Hawker, currently living in Monroe, Louisiana, but in process of moving to Austin, Texas over the next year. I've been a converted dieselgeek for about 6 years, driving a VW Jetta TDI (yeah, yeah, I know, a toy by a lot of you guys' standards). But I'm up to 332,000 miles on it, still getting great fuel mileage, and aiming for a half a million in the next three or four years! I'm in the process of selling my old '89 F150 and buying an '85 Ford Ranger turbodiesel, and I'm determined to become a more experienced mechanic with this simpler, older engine. For example, the timing belts look like something you can do fairly straightforward on the Mitsu, on the other hand I'd never try it with the VW. I'm joining up because some of y'all look pretty experienced with the Mitsubishi 4d55 engine, and I'm gonna need some help and technical advice from time to time. In the meantime, it's been fun reading some of your threads, looking forward to more! -As you were.
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