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  1. petroskie

    message board turned red

    my message board on the cluster turned on and it was just red, no words no codes just red. went away after a few start ups. any ideas?
  2. petroskie

    cheap tuners

    i see on ebay those cheap tuners you hook up to a senor? since they dont say what sensor. what do they do? just tell the computer dump more fuel?
  3. petroskie

    Threaded LB7 Sleeves

    thanks elk slayer, now on my list when i upgrade my injectors next year
  4. petroskie

    thoughts on mixing oil in with diesel?

    interesting. dont think i will be adding anything to my fuel anymore. its tuff to waid thru all the BS and sales but i have been looking a a guy who sells XXfuel filter systems. bolts right in and add the 2 filters to the fuel but no extra cp3 pumps or anything that over fuels the sytem cause every place i go tell me upgrade my cp3 pump and add a second
  5. petroskie

    Window stickers

    thanks muddy
  6. petroskie

    Window stickers

    muddy whats the statis of mine?
  7. petroskie

    DIY sprinkler system

    so for a 100ft stretch how many should i get and what size and type of pipe, do i need to know how many gallons per min i get from my faucet?
  8. petroskie

    Window stickers

    you get me a price yet?
  9. petroskie

    thoughts on mixing oil in with diesel?

    ive been told by alot of guys at work that they run 12oz of old school 2cycl to 10gallons diesel and they swear by it, they smoke a bit more
  10. petroskie

    Window stickers

    ya and to ship them to me since im aways from yall. Thanks Muddy
  11. petroskie

    Window stickers

    i have the wild turkey and beer, ill even send it up in a cooler of ice overnight!
  12. petroskie

    Window stickers

    well im really crushing on the 5ft X 3inch cause i know it would look killer on my truck. can you get me price on just 1 of them by chance, im sure itll cost a little more. also how do i pay you
  13. petroskie

    Window stickers

    Black please I wanna put it on the lower section of my tailgate, let me know the size, thanks muddy
  14. petroskie

    member spotted

    spot me in CDA and Post falls
  15. petroskie

    Window stickers

    can I get on that is gloss black 5ft wide X 3in tall how much