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  1. happypunch

    WOOT!!! green light for build!

    i will keep that in mind. im pretty sure i can fix the tiny hole with some solder... either that or ruin it completely! joiairforce from dieselplace used a coat hanger as solder on his rad!! lol
  2. happypunch

    WOOT!!! green light for build!

    Its not an 82-83... well actually im not sure what year it is, my other spare (the complete engine) is an 85. the guy i bought them from painted that parts engine blue, so i cant just do the quick check to see if its red. guess i will have to find a casting # or maybe just pull an injector and see if its course or fine threads. i thought i came out ahead with the trade with chris! its an aluminum core, but the local shops want $350 for those or $150+ to fix my current radiator. even if the aluminum core doesnt last too long (plastic side tanks leak after a couple years, or so ive been told) but i can try to solder the pinhole myself whenever, but at least have this to run now! and i was just gonna through that tcase up on CL for ~$75-100 and see if anyone wanted it. btw, thanks for pointing me in Chris' direction. he's done 2 of my transmissions now. the one on my blazer is better than i can ever remember. and now he just finished up the 4l60 for my 6.2 and i hope to get it in by friday. totally worth the drive out to mountain home.
  3. happypunch

    WOOT!!! green light for build!

    yeah, it will all come down to what kind of condition its in when i rip it apart. if there are any cracks in the main webs then its getting scrapped, but i will salvage what i can. its kinda nice having 2 extra ip's. but my wife will kill me if i dont start downsizing soon. we are moving in a couple weeks and she has told me i can keep 1 extra engine i should also part out my 92 suburban too. its in perfect shape without engine/trans and she wants me to scrap it... dont know how long it would take to part out. although i did trade lumpdog the tcase from it for a nearly new radiator for my 87!!
  4. happypunch

    gov. liquidation

    those m1008's came with the 4.56 axles right? and the cucv blazers 3.08? would be kinda fun to have a toy with those 4.56's, would have to get some big ol' tires for them too, unless i like a top speed of 45 mph
  5. happypunch

    WOOT!!! green light for build!

    bbbadboy, let me know if you need any parts. i have a 3rd 6.2 that was supposedly rebuilt but the guy couldnt get it running after he built it... so i got it for a song! if there is anything you might need, just holler. im going to be taking parts off of it soon and scrapping the rest (most likely though i cringe at the death of yet another 6.2 block).
  6. happypunch

    What 6.5 is the best?

    from what ive read on the interwebs, the 2001+ optimizers are supposed to be the best... but im not about to drop $5k into a tougher 6.5. for that price i could get a running 12v cummins. I havent had a lot of personal experience with 6.5's, but hear lots of stories about the 94+ engines cracking easier both main webs and especially the heads. i love my 6.2 and have recently put a turbo setup from a 93 6.5 on it. we will see how long it lasts. but ive got another engine with 130k on it that i plan on building up in my spare time so when this engine gives up the ghost i can just swap in the new and improved engine and hopefully rebuild the original and keep the cycle going on and on... or else swap in a 4bt!
  7. happypunch

    in case you didn't know

    Thats good to know. Cabelas is ridiculous even with their "sale" prices. on average i can only find .40 for about 32+ cents per round. except a while ago i found a bunch of federal champion 185 grain fmj's at wally world for $27 for 100 rounds. we put a couple hundred rounds through the good ol' glocks and didnt have a single ftf or fte. but the guns were pretty dirty afterwards! still really kicking around the idea of buying a .22lr handgun for cheeeeaaaap shooting. but i cant get out often enough to really make it worthwhile. btw, dont know if you guys knew this, but tuesday evenings are "ladies night" at impact guns and they dont have a range fee. its my wifes favorite date spot now.
  8. happypunch

    Called out on SAR's...

    When i first saw the title with "SARS" in it, i thought it was that disease from asia everyone was scared of 10 years ago lol. It's awesome that you commit your time and resources to help find people who get in over their heads. and its great that it was a happy outcome. my dad has been doing search and rescue for 15+ years in montana and the past couple months havent been pretty, so its good to hear a story with a happy ending!
  9. I dont think im going to be able to get my transmission (freshly rebuilt by lumpdog!!) and exhaust put in by saturday... i would say screw the exhaust but it leaves me without a crossover and that would mean very little boost from the monstrous and mighty 6.2. whens the next dyno event?
  10. where is that? that looks amazing!
  11. happypunch

    WTB GM 6.2IDI

    i really want to add a turbo from a 6.5 just to wake it up a little (no more than 6-7 psi since i dont want to blow up my 237k mile engine) but that means some fun work with the ac condensor... save that for next year. at least i still have window vents, the heat is almost tolerable as long as im driving 35+mph!
  12. happypunch

    WTB GM 6.2IDI

    sounds like a great deal for $800. locks shouldnt be too bad to fix, i would check to make sure there arent any breaks in the wires first then switches then motors... plus if he's wanting to keep it cheap and easy he could do the $50 rustoleum paint job (tons of info on youtube). wish the ac worked in my truck. im afraid its going to be crazy expensive to fix.
  13. happypunch

    WTB GM 6.2IDI

    oh, good to know about the red blocks. i had been reading about some other people who practically bend over backwards to get a hold of one to make the "best" 6.2. but those new optimizers are supposed to be amazing and the p400 the best! though at about $5000, you should be getting something pretty awesome. i think if i had an extra $5k laying around and my engine died i probably wouldnt put one in though. probably invest in some draft horses and turn the suburban into a carriage! it would be sooooo much faster!
  14. happypunch

    WTB GM 6.2IDI

    i know! nobody around here knows what a chevy 6.2 is. the parts stores keep trying to sell me stuff for a 350, have to tell them over and over its a diesel not a gasser. and the other people who i talk to about my truck are convinced that its a 350 conversion. those diesel conversions were junk, but my detroit is a pure bred diesel... while i was filling up some guy with his mid 90's powerjoke was talking to me about diesels. how he loved his 7.3 and he could get better mileage than his boss' 6.0, etc. then he looked at my truck and told me i better swap that engine out since its a huge pile of shit and gonna break on me any minute. i was torn between wanting to punch him in the face and wanting to laugh at him. my 6.2 has been dependable, easy to fix and its CHEAP. im never gonna outrun a garbage truck, im ok with that. you know what, i got the truck for free and have put VERY little into it to get it running and keep it on the road. im frustrated with people... i think its starting to show! long live the 6.2!!!