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    I Own Emmett Diesel Performance In Emmett ID .. Will Add More Later
  1. I don't remember what probe I was having?? Remind me lol I've slept and drank beer a lot... Putting the Industrial Injections hot rod VE pump today, will see how hot it is. Does have a 3200 Gov. Springs though.. let me know about the slave. I'm working in elko nv. Now don't have much comp access when I'm there..

  2. Hay mike wanted to know if you are still haveing probs with your clutch slave cyl ? if so let me know i can fill you in on what you can do to fix it..

  3. GR8WHYT


    I Would Say The X2 makes the red and yellow tops look like fisher price batts. they are $298 but have a life time war.
  4. GR8WHYT


    YES ONE Payment....
  5. GR8WHYT


    GR8WHYT IS FOR SALE. 870 7707
  6. Call me i can help. 23-26 empty 15-19 towing 365-3653
  7. GR8WHYT

    ITD Christmas party. Dec 10 and 11 2011

    Mrs GR8WHYT and i will be there and we will bring chips dip and some sort of pies.. I also need directions on how to get there.. Cant wait.
  8. GR8WHYT

    truck pulling sled

    Emmett Diesel Performance is working with tresure valley tractor pullers to set up classes for trucks this spring. will keep you guys posted. Emmett Diesel performance is under constrction with a pull truck also.
  9. GR8WHYT

    NEED PIC'S FOR Rig of the month

    look how beautiful
  10. Where is the valley of big smoke?? We Were thinking of going rideing sunday Pos silver city ride but maybe we could come out that way? Need a map to find you.

  11. GR8WHYT


    Cant wait till the next dinner meet and dyno day guna turn some BIG numbers. Will post pics soon.
  12. GR8WHYT

    Whats up!

    Ok she is all done 8-LUG Mag Shoot went awsome . Paint and turbos are done
  13. GR8WHYT

    I Have a Really Bad Turbo I Guess!

    I have a good used HX35 off the 97 i have with 130k . Let me know