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    lookin for info/help (Mostly info)

    i finally got an email response back from him acknowledging that he received my emails, "Thanks for the info both times!...I have not tried anything yet, but must...the transmission went out on the other old pickup...so can't haul anything. The banjo bolt on the return from the injection pump sounds like a possibility, as it regulates pressure within the pump...also, may have a corroded intake line in the fuel tank, as it was not empty when it ran out of fuel." So now he has to do something, cuz as of now all he has to haul anything, would be his tractor, which would take for ever to get anywhere, and bales of hay for the horses/cows/mules don't haul themselves... ( well i suppose he could hitch the mules up to the front of the truck.....but that'd be just as slow as the tractor) Millco, in the emails i sent him were links directly to this thread, so not a whole lot of navigatin to do. I'll pm you his email, as i am funny about giving out peoples numbers, (and nothing wrong with a nice impersonal email), and i don't know his actual number, he always calls out here via Skype, and the number that shows on the Caller id is all zeros.. there is a part of me that wonders which would be cheaper to fix, the fuel system on this rig, or the tranny on his old ford flatbed...
  2. earlyre

    lookin for info/help (Mostly info)

    Ok, Sent him an email with links to this site, and this thread as well. Hopefully he gets in touch with you all, and with a little assistance can get the truck to live again!
  3. earlyre

    lookin for info/help (Mostly info)

    DANG!, This is much more response than I've gotten(and in a fraction of the time I might add...) from the folks over @ my usual haunt the dodge forums, even in their cummins section. looks like i'm gonna have to get him on this site sooner rather than later! thanks to all who responded! now i gotta track down his email addy....got it around here somewhere..... oh! and muddy, even if you are a few hrs away, you are MUCH closer than I. For me, it would be about a 3 day drive on US 30.
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  5. Greetings all, This is Russ, from the far eastern land of Ohio. i visit your boards, looking for information for my uncle who lives west of Buhl, ID. (figure there has to be someone on here who could point him in the right directions...) He Has a 2001 Ram 2500 4x4, with the 24v Cummins. it currently has been sitting in front of his house for the better part of a year, because @ around 90k mi, the fuel sys died again. this is the 3rd time it has happened to him, last time he did put in an airdog lift pump, but now it doesn't even attempt to start.( I don't know exactly how long ago the air dog was installed, but for the sake of this thread, and easy math, lets assume it was @ 60k, which would put it around 30k mi per pump) I was out there in early april, and the computer didn't show any codes, but the battery had either been pulled, or gone flat over the winter.... when i put the key in to the run position, there was no appreciable sound like the pump coming on & pressurizing the fuel system. as i said, this would be the 3rd time he has replaced the lift pump/injection pump for this vehicle(@ about $2500 ea time). looking for anything more durable, less failure prone, less dang expensive, etc. (than the vp44/ stock fuel system) this isn't a truck he's trying to go out & burn rubber, or pull the neighbor house off it's foundation or anything like that. He's a retired school teacher( Taught @ Filer for 30-odd years), and semi retired farmer, this would be his primary farm truck if it was up & Running. open to any suggestions