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    Mysteriously died?

    well turns out it was the injector pump.the springs were shot,i could turn the pump over by hand. Went out to oregon fuel injection and just got a new pump. It will be running today. Thanks for all the help all
  2. scotts_d250

    Mysteriously died?

    It's been on since 93 or 94. I'm tryin to rule it out.. I wont have time until this weekend to trouble shoot it again. But we'll see whats happeneing.
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  5. scotts_d250

    Mysteriously died?

    Heya all I'm new here and this is my first post i was referred here by a buddy of mine... For the past two weeks i have been having troubles with my truck's fuel delivery. On the way home i was sitting at a stop light and I noticed the truck was missing and had a big lack of power. So i babied it home, put in a new fss and fuel filter (my old fss was bad), i re-bled multiple times and i couldn't get it to run. It wouldn't catch and when it would it would die immediately. From there i pulled the injectors and had them tested and i found that #1 was hanging open and the others pop pressure were low.. So I hastily ordered new injectors and today i put them in, bled and tightened everything up... First crank it wouldn't catch unless i had my foot on the pedal. This symptom kept repeating itself, so i went out and got a new lift put and installed that. After re-bleeding and installing my LP it started right up but ran pretty rough. I bled the injectors and it smoothed out a little bit but it wouldn't get to where it used to be. At higher rpms than idle, it seems the miss would go away and it would smooth out. I noticed around #4 and #5 injectors the hold down nut looked bubbly, i know i tightened it down pretty tight but tomorrow im going to check. I took it out for a test drive to see if it would self bleed itself. I noticed it was a little hazy and when i first started it smoked a lot but then cleared up. it looked to be gray, but it was pretty light. It did alright for most of the way until it suddenly died on me, It sounded like it was running on 2 cyls, I shut it off and pushed it back. Being out of day light i had to take a break.. Any ideas of whats wrong? I'll be triple checking for air leaks tomorrow. I get fuel at all injectors from my IP... But could it be my ip isnt pushing enough? its a bone stock truck with about 220k on the clock... 1991 intercooled with the recall service pump. Sorry for the long post everyone.. Its my daily.... I appreciate it and i'll give back the first chance i get.