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    ya man sounds good to me just shoot me a text let when your ready.
  2. firstgenfan87


    Cool man since i was askin $200 ill go $165. let me know what you think.
  3. firstgenfan87


    hey 78chummins Im powerfreaks buddy with the intercooler i was thinken $200.00 but lets make a deal its about 21in tall. 38in wide at the widest part and about 2 1/2 in thick. those are the rough dimentions. the inlet and outlet are 3in. any way if you want more specs give me a Call. Dallas 713-1150
  4. firstgenfan87

    TST powermax 2. 98.5-02 24 valve

    found this sitting on the shelf at work. it came off a customer truck that got a differtent chip. it has the instalation instructions and every thing you need to instal it. there going for around 600.00 bucks on dieselpowerproducts so i figured 400.00 shipped would be fair. i am willing to negotiate to so just lwt me know if your interested. i also have a stock intercooler off of a 6.0 powerstroke if any body wants to put it on their 7.3. make me an offer. Call Dallas 713-1150
  5. firstgenfan87

    lookin for info/help (Mostly info)

    if all the conections to the air dog are good and the batteries are up to snuff and your still not geting the lift pump to come on. then it might be a prob with the air dog its self. in that case its usualy got a life time wrenty on it. on the same note if the lift pump did go out the chances of it taking out your injection pump again is pretty likely. fuel contamination is another posibility. the fuel water seporator on the air dog was mainly designed to remove a build up of atmosphiric moistur.
  6. Thanx, glad I finaly joined. Hope to be getting my 12valve soon.

  7. firstgenfan87

    Hello everybody

    Hi im Dallas. I finished school for semi trucks a little over a year ago. I dont have a diesel yet mainly because my toyota hasnt craped out on me yet. Im looking to get a first gen dodge mainly because i love the look of the of em. kinda a hot rod look in my opinion. any way just wanted to introduce myself. Thanx
  8. welcome to the club

  9. welcome to the club :cheer:

  10. firstgenfan87

    Truck Died

    Hi I'm new on this site but I just wanted to mention that the VP44 can fail pretty quickly if starved for fuel. The advance piston in the pump baisicly beats its self to death and will start hanging up. It will do any thing from power surges to a no run situation. just somthing to keep in mind. Just keep looking for any wierd power spikes or lowles. Any way like i said im new and just wanted to see if i could help.