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  1. straight_six

    WTB - 96-97 OBS Ford

    Looking for some leads on a 96-97 OBS Ford. 4x4, auto, crew or extended cab, long bed, grey interior. Trying to find one with a fairly straight cab, and in Idaho... Will also pay a finders fee for helping out.
  2. straight_six

    94 race truck build up

    I'll try and get it to a dyno meet one of these times! No dyno numbers yet... The pump is turned all the way down right now at 450cc's. Should be in the 700hp range...
  3. straight_six

    94 race truck build up

    Not yet... Probably won't be until next spring.
  4. straight_six

    94 race truck build up

    Forgot all about this thread! The truck has come a long way from when I first bought it. I found a really good deal on a built motor for the truck, then Wide Open Performance had their way with it. They put one of the triple turbo systems on, DDP injectors, Scheid 13mm auto gov (no afc, just turn a bolt to adjust the fuel), Airdog 200, Custom built intake manifold, 2 ED air shut offs, Corbeau racing seats, built a cage, and Dave at Ultimate transmission did the trans work. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8WkOktZppQ http://www.youtube.com/user/straightsix208?feature=mhum#p/a/u/1/MoTUkRpPBRo
  5. straight_six

    what do you do??????????/\

    I go to school, farm, and in the National Guard.
  6. Glad to see it back up and going
  7. straight_six

    Good day today

    we still have around 4,000 more to go and the rain shut us down again
  8. straight_six

    Good day today

    They all have 15ft headers. can average around 10 mph all day
  9. straight_six

    Good day today

    The swather crew laid down 1180 acres today! Thats a new best for our farm All this rain set us back a couple weeks so tryin to catch back up lol......
  10. straight_six

    Who all has a 1st gen in Idaho?

    :rockin: Nice!
  11. straight_six

    Opinions please...

    do it
  12. straight_six

    Burley Pull

    i will be there depending on the weather....
  13. straight_six

    Daddy's got a Dodge again.. WOOT WOOT

    i wanna see this beast in person.... Jared said its huge!
  14. Let me know Nic!!! if you do we can convoy! Hopefully the 12valve will be running