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  1. Good to meet you to.I like your truck. I had a 75 one ton after high school. And an 80 that I sold when we moved to Idaho. Darn I wish I had both of those.:wall: Guess I had an 86 GMC with the 6.2 and I wasn't a bad truck either.8-) I'm not sure what it is. The truck is sluggish when I step on it. It takes several second to get going. Craig thinks it might be low fuel pressure but I am unable to check it. Another thing is I rewired the EBPV so I could use it as an exhaust brake. And it really make a difference but it also make a loud squeal.:waah I am not sure if its the A/C comp, brake vac boost or the power steering.I took the serp belt off and was rolling the pullys around and I think the power steering pully has a bad spot. Not sure why it would make noise when I flip the switch for the exhaust brake.It sure has been a good truck. I know its not a cumins but its been one hell of a runner.:runner: Later:burn