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  1. buzz

    Dog Days 2014!

    I have to say it was a really fun event looking forward to next year
  2. buzz

    Dog Days 2014!

    I'll be their
  3. buzz

    utv and quad demo day

    Wish I could go but will be out of town maybe next time. Thank you for your help at bop muddy let me know when the next outing is
  4. buzz

    Dog Days 2013

    I'm going to race and dyno
  5. buzz

    Dog Days 2013

    I think I'll be able to make it
  6. Looks like ill be able to make it
  7. buzz

    BBI Injectors

    Sounds like some nice injectors
  8. buzz

    Summer Dyno Day #32 at MM, RESULTS

    thanks every one I had great time and thank you moose for helping me get a better number.
  9. buzz

    BullyDog Dog Days!

    Im going to stay with the ssr I like it. I don't think they have the efi for the 2005 cummins yet