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  1. dctoner

    Linksys wireless G router

    I got tired of replacing the cheap $50 - $100 routers that kept dying on me so about 5 years ago I broke down and bought an apple airport extreme. It cover both my main floor and my basement no problem. And I can even connect to it in my neighbors house 150' away. So far it is the best $180 i have spent on piece of computer equipment.
  2. dctoner

    Dumb question about the Honda

    A long shot, but if the timing belt/chain has not been changed at 100k you are over due. Breaking one has the possibility of killing the head. Bending all the valve stems.
  3. dctoner

    New admin

  4. dctoner

    June Winner!

    Thanks. there were some good looking trucks in June.
  5. dctoner

    What are you towing???

    John, Mine can get a bit more squirmy with that single axle atv trailer, if I get up around 70, but I don't do that unless i'm gaining speed to get up a hill. Careful steering, throttle control and staying under 65 mph is the key. Oh ya, and common sense, a thing most people are short of these days. MR. T, How long are your trailers? Bumper to bumper, I'm 66' long. Not sure how heavy I think around 12K.
  6. dctoner

    What are you towing???

    My camping train, all hooked up ready to leave.
  7. dctoner

    Need your pics for June ROTM!

    This was taken on Memorial Day Weekend
  8. dctoner

    Tinted Cab lights

    Shaner, thanks for the help on this, was up playing in the mountains over the weekend. john, the tint is much easier to put on than regular spray paint, much finer mist. It still must be layered and you will need to take your time especially on a 3rd brake light that is still on the truck.
  9. dctoner

    Tinted Cab lights

    LCACN, No Problem, you will have to post some pics when you are done, should look good. As a side note so far I'm not seeing any issues with the tint, I even took my pressure washer to them.
  10. dctoner


    Threads are always better with pics, and yes I'm lazy. I did check out your profile, Nice truck
  11. dctoner


    Welcome, pics are a must, for the visual senses
  12. dctoner

    Get your pics up for this months ROTM!

    Sweet pic andy:cool:
  13. dctoner


    Welcome Onkyo! Ask what you need these guys know their stuff. Good to see another member from TF!
  14. dctoner

    Get your pics up for this months ROTM!

    Got an ATVing trip in with the fam and snapped a shot