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  1. R0oster31

    Trans issues

    Replaced the output speed sensor. Same symptoms. It definitely seems to be temperature based and not time based. If I let the truck idle for 20 minutes and then drive it I still have normal operation until the temp comes up to 140. If I take it for a drive on the highway and the temperature stays low I keep normal operation for longer than if I just go drive around town and the temperature comes up faster. Mechanically or electronically what would cause a temperature related issue? I'll try getting a hold of the transmission builder on Monday. Last time I talked to him, he still said governor pressure solenoid. I replaced it since he said that was the issue. When I still had the same issue he said I might not have installed it correctly. I put it in exactly like the one that he had installed. Also if it were in wrong I have a hard time thinking it would work normal until it came up to temperature. I asked if it could be the output speed sensor and he said it could be which is why I changed that this morning. Should I try adjusting the front band again? I just want to get this figured out so I can drive my truck reliably.
  2. R0oster31

    Trans issues

    Well I had a long day at work but decided to look at the truck a little when I got home anyway. I had checked all the fuses using my meter before but being tired I decided to be lazy and just pull and look at the "spare" in spot 30. Seemed a little loose. Hmmm. Pull things apart a little and it looks like it isn't getting a good connection. Swap it with a different 15 amp and that one has a little resistance. My abs and brake lights are out and my speedo works. YAY! I still lose upshift capability when the trans hits 140...crap. Too tired to swap the speed sensor and take it for another test drive. Any suggestions?
  3. R0oster31

    Trans issues

    I've got an 06 with a 48re and am having some issues. The truck has an intermittent problem where the abs and brake lights come on and the speedo goes to 0. I've tried the rear speed sensor and no luck. That was a small problem but now it is on most of the time and I'm not sure if it is connected to my trans issues. For the trans it has a Garmon stage 3 freshly rebuilt. Before the rebuild it had no reverse but all forward gears. Now it has 1st and reverse. When I first installed it everything was great for about 15 miles, then as I was slowing down it had one harsh downshift. After that stuck in first unless you took your foot completely out of it then it was a hesitant shift to 2nd same to get it to 3rd. I tried adjusting the front band. Good for 10 miles then same thing. Garmon thought that it was governor pressure solenoid/transducer. I dropped the pan and replaced them. Good for 10 miles then exact same symptoms. This last test the abs and brake lights were on for the entire test drive and the speedo was dead. I ordered a transmission output speed sensor to put on tonight but am running out of ideas. I'll check all the connections and grounds again. Any help/ideas would be appreciated.
  4. R0oster31

    Mud Flaps?

    Thanks for the advice. I'll look into building a set.
  5. R0oster31

    Mud Flaps?

    I was hoping there were some that were decent without having to mod them/fabricate brackets, but I'd rather have a set that do what they are supposed to vs just look pretty.
  6. R0oster31

    Mud Flaps?

    The wife and I picked up an 06 3500 Mega with DRW and factory flares on the front. What do you guys use for mud flaps so you don't chew the paint up? The previous owner took immaculate care of the truck so it is in great shape and I'd like to keep it that way.
  7. R0oster31

    And it begins

    You still have the kitty or a resonator or is it just straight pipe with a muffler?
  8. R0oster31

    And it begins

    I bought some 2 micron filters from Cummins for my 02s that I've slowly been using. The filter housing looks the same so I'll probably continue using those in conjunction with putting a FASS system on. Yea I want to keep the rpm lower which is why I want to do the gear vendors.
  9. R0oster31

    And it begins

    How do you like the aero muffler? I want one that flows well but I don't want it too loud or drone. I've heard good things about them in the past.
  10. R0oster31

    And it begins

    So my wife and I recently had a little girl and needed more space. We picked up a Red 06 Mega with an auto transmission. The truck wasn't in perfect shape but the price was right. The motor and trans seem like they are good for right now. The body has some small dents and scratches and one spot of rust on the right side on the bottom of the paint just to the rear of the right rear passenger door. The frame has some minor surface rust but nothing bad. The interior was dirty but no holes in the upholstery. The tach didn't work and the screen on the radio is intermittent. I got the tach working by taking the dash apart and pulling some "extra screws" out of the circuit board. We took it to a detailer to get it cleaned up, which was definitely money well spent. The previous owner was a slob who spilled pop in both the front and the back. When I went to pull stuff apart to get to the gauge cluster one of the screw heads had literally rusted to the point where I had to pound a socket onto it to get it out because of the semi solid pop sludge it was sitting in. The right rear seat recline mechanism is sticky, I think the wire might need to be adjusted/replaced. Two of the plastic covers for the seatbelts are missing and one of the rear vents has the outer most layer of fins missing. The cable from the battery to the alternator was pretty corroded as was the terminal on the Positive cable between the two batteries, both of which have already been replaced. The truck is completely stock...for now. So what would you guys recommend getting? Things I've already ordered. I decided to try the Edge Insight CTS 2 for monitoring things as otherwise I was going to be getting a number of analog gauges and it was recommended as a good product since you can add up to 16 inputs (not going to need near that many), eliminate having 6 or so analog gauges, and I can use it as a turbo timer. I've changed the oil, air filter, and fuel filters. I've got diff covers coming and will be changing the oil in those. The tranny was just done and still looks like all the fluid is in good shape. I also ordered EFI live so I can start looking into that, nothing crazy as all the hardware is still stock, just want to learn and maybe pickup some mileage. I also ordered new rotors/brake pads since those looked like they could use replacing. Goals/things I was thinking of for down the road. I picked the truck up in Chicago and running 80 mph I was getting 15 mpg... After I got the tach working I saw that 80 is 2500 rpm, so that makes sense. My 02s have 3.55 rear gears and are at around 2250 at 80 and will get 18-20 depending on wind. So with the amount of long distance driving we do, how long we'll keep the truck, and the fact that this will most likely be our family trip vehicle; I'm thinking a gear vendors and while I'm changing the driveline length figure I'll go with one of those Aluminum drive shafts and ditch the carrier bearing. When it comes time to start upgrading things, I figure I'll start with the trans to get that squared away before I move on to other things so I'm not pulling a Drew.(You limped that clutch along for what, 2 years?) After the trans I'm thinking lift pump, potentially dual CP3, injectors, valve springs, and studs and just use the EFI to pull the fuel back to reasonable for stock air moving parts. From what I remember fire rings aren't as necessary on the 3rd gens as they were on the 24 valve motors, correct? Lastly I'm thinking a set of twins, intercooler, exhaust and possibly a cam. Overall I want to build a reliable truck in the 700-800 hp range that gets somewhere around 20mpg. So what are your suggestions for parts? Things I don't need that I listed? Things I should consider adding to the list? As far as timeframe other than a little tweaking with EFI live and the parts I already ordered, she'll stay stock for at least 8 months or so.
  11. Thanks. We like it so far.
  12. I did some searching online and calling around and found one in Chicago that seemed like a decent deal. The truck isn't in perfect shape but it will definitely work for our purposes. It is an 06 Mega that would definitely fit the car seat. The engine and trans seem to be in good shape. It wouldn't slip or anything and the fluid on the trans didn't smell burnt or anything. The air filter and oil both needed changing. I got to know it a little on the drive from Chicago back to ID and didn't find any surprises. The two biggest things that were bothering me were the radio won't power up most of the time and the tach wasn't working. I got the tach working by taking the dash apart and pulling some screws out of the back of the instrument cluster. I'm going to clean all the grounds and see if the radio starts working again. Other things I saw are it could be an early sign of batteries starting to go bad. The radio has only worked 2 times and both of them were on a Saturday in the morning when it was cool and moist out. It is the Nav/radio combo and the power and volume buttons always work, the preset buttons always work, but the rest of the buttons/screen have only worked twice for about 5 minutes total.
  13. So if I start looking for a 3rd Gen what are the things to watch out for? Any major differences between 2nd and 3rd problem areas? Standard death wobble, Trans, and rust?
  14. R0oster31

    Need to do a little work on the truck

    This is the air filter I went with: aFe Power MagnumFLOW IAF PRO 5R Air Filters; 5 F x 7-1/2 B x 5-1/2 T (Sp Inv) x 12 H in___24-91036 The thing with just cutting a piece of pipe to the right length is the pipe has a couple bends to get from the bottom turbo up to where you can get a filter on.
  15. Ha ha the wife wouldn't go for that.