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  1. TUNED_6.4

    6" mitres

    Yes you did. LOL got a little over excited on the launch, tried something different and it didn't work out so hot. SENT FROM MY PHONE!!!!
  2. TUNED_6.4

    6" mitres

    Little video of the truck roaling some smoke at the last club race, they are a little shaky, camera guy was getting use to the new camera. anyways, enjoy http://youtu.be/blZRAWZEChg
  3. TUNED_6.4

    What are you towing???

  4. TUNED_6.4

    Glock Torture Test

    Got a glock 22 gen 4, love it. SENT FROM MY PHONE!!!!
  5. well that's good.

  6. TUNED_6.4

    The Longhauler

    Smog equipment is overrated, egr delete kits are simple, removing the dpf is nothing, then it's just getting a good tune. Like the 6.7's live the H&S tuning and the tuner shuts off all the smog crap. There is a reason besides the smog bs Cummins and Ford went to a Common rail injection system on their motors. Yes 6.4's have a common rail fuel system in them. SENT FROM MY PHONE!!!!
  7. Yes, they did the recall and update stuff to it after they put it together before i picked it up brand new.On the first run i didn't get 6 miles when it had a check engine light.Turns out it was a coolant air bubble in the system.After that i havn't had a problem.

  8. Unfortunately, yes it is. Got another question, did you have or does your sled have the updated motor done to it? ALOT of 2008 and 2009 dragon 800's were brought in for warranty work due to the midrange tuning leaning out and burning down motors. They fixed it for the 2010's, so what they did was a re-call on the 08's and 09 800's to have a 2010 top end put in them and the 2010 injectors and flash. So far so good and i've got close to 1500 miles on mine with 500 on the original 08 motor.

  9. TUNED_6.4

    speedometer/transmission problems related?

    If the truck has been tuned, and never been reset to stock when switching tuners, that can have an effect. Did that once with my chev, fords don't like stacking like dodges. SENT FROM MY PHONE!!!!
  10. TUNED_6.4


  11. TUNED_6.4

    6" mitres

    Yeaup. Oh well, I wash it anyways when it rains, im kinda ocd about it. SENT FROM MY PHONE!!!!
  12. TUNED_6.4

    Dog Days is back!!

    Negatory. June 17th bro. Firebird. SENT FROM MY PHONE!!!!
  13. Thanks for the heads up on the ecu.I keep an eye on my sled for that. Is that a common problem with the dragons?

  14. TUNED_6.4

    6" mitres

    Will get more with a better camera and in the day. SENT FROM MY PHONE!!!!
  15. TUNED_6.4

    Truck Died

    That's right, thanks steve! SENT FROM MY PHONE!!!!