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    DiPricol Optix gauge

    Electric or mechanical guage?
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    2 word post thread.

    His sack
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    stud instal

    X2 for Pat!
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    2 word post thread.

    Spread his
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    2 word post thread.

    Eating a
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    2 word post thread.

    Squeezing big
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    97 12 valve problem

    It's very common to see those manifolds shrink but crap a cracked head? Ouch!!
  8. I think this kid was intentionally trying to bait the police into something. Generally speaking, folks at the local range where I practice have a tendency to be on the conservative side of the political spectrum. Most open carry advocates are similarly conservative in nature. I’m confounded by the fact that the most extreme open carry individuals — those who intentionally try to create videotaped confrontations with cops — have seemingly adopted tactics which historically speaking have been the domain of left-leaning political activists. None of these open carry advocates — to my knowledge anyway — has chained themselves to a fence or sat down in the middle of the street, but conducting an organized campaign to antagonize cops and cause inconvenience to fellow citizens is pretty much the domain of the Occupy movement, isn’t it? Many of these folks are well-versed in the law, and I say good on them for that. But a small segment of the group fails to (or seems to fail to) comprehend that plenty of citizens out there are just plain scared of “guys with guns†walking in and out of their local coffee shop. While not illegal, it does cause alarm to the everyday citizen. I personally am a firm believer in the 2nd amendment, however I also feel its better to be covert with my gun than draw attention to it.
  9. I'm calling bullshit on that story
  10. Fullboost

    Costco gun policy

    I pack mine there all the time, but of course it's concealed.
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    August ROTM

    Ok this one is actually mine!
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    August ROTM

  13. Here is a good video of someone carrying and robbers picking the wrong place to hit! Enjoy!! http://blutube.policeone.com/police-news-videos/5839510-customer-at-internet-cafe-shoots-2-robbers/
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    2012 Diesel Power Challenge

    A 6.4 Ford won it this year
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    cummins swap out

    Yep it will work just fine!