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  1. train horns

    GOSH D^&M Those are loud.
  2. Our new home page!!!

    Here is my Truck.
  3. Tailgate Light Bar Below Wholesale

    That is way cheaper, but likeyou said QUALITY. I think I would pay the xtra for Recon and know that it will work. .02
  4. backfire sound

    That is strange. I have ever heard that in a diesel before. I hope you get it figured out soon
  5. Thank YOU!!!!! To all at dinner last night in caldwell !!!

    Glad to see you on. Great tips and friends here
  6. Just getting started

    Welcome to IBF
  7. How to use masking tape if drunk

    I have seen a few behind the wheel that way.
  8. Hey!

    Welcome FREAK. LOL Get ready to get your learn on. Great group of guys and some crazy chicks here.
  9. Meg. Yes. Pm ed you with addy
  10. Fass installation

    Congrats Meg. now you can out run ISP. LOL
  11. I'm here...

    Geez Meg, Don't give us a bad name yet, Let him figure it out.
  12. I'm here...

    Welcome Steve. Glad you made it. Diesel went up 28 cents in the last two weeks here. It is BS.
  13. New Cab lights finally done

    :-( Meg doesn;t play well with others. LOL
  14. New Cab lights finally done

    Whatever Meg, 10 miles away and you are scared to come out and play.
  15. New Cab lights finally done

    Shane, leveling kit will be in on tuesday or wed. Already way ahead.