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  1. Howdy guys, I have no idea where this message is going, but here's the KDP damage update on this 98 12 valve. After waiting for over 2 weeks for the new gear case from Thourobred I figured it might not show up at all so I went ahead and took the cover off mainly to see if I could even get it to Harold to fix without it breaking down. Didn't find any gear damage, but I did find the route the pin took on it's way through the gears and down into the pan, a big scrape down the case by the cam gear. SO I replaced that little way too short bolt next to the pin hole...seems only abut 4 threads holds that bolt into the block originally, then I sanded down the old JB weld patch, as the first patch cracked, and cut me a couple 1X2" or so re-bar mats out of an old air filter screen to keep it from cracking again and re-JB'd it. Put the case cover back on with a new gasket and seal and so far no leaks. Out of space now, Thank you all again!!!! more later!