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  1. Not a problem that's what we are here for i to try and help each other out...

  2. Howdy guys, I have no idea where this message is going, but here's the KDP damage update on this 98 12 valve. After waiting for over 2 weeks for the new gear case from Thourobred I figured it might not show up at all so I went ahead and took the cover off mainly to see if I could even get it to Harold to fix without it breaking down. Didn't find any gear damage, but I did find the route the pin took on it's way through the gears and down into the pan, a big scrape down the case by the cam gear. SO I replaced that little way too short bolt next to the pin hole...seems only abut 4 threads holds that bolt into the block originally, then I sanded down the old JB weld patch, as the first patch cracked, and cut me a couple 1X2" or so re-bar mats out of an old air filter screen to keep it from cracking again and re-JB'd it. Put the case cover back on with a new gasket and seal and so far no leaks. Out of space now, Thank you all again!!!! more later!


  3. Hello Harold, my name is Brandon Chaffee, I'm a new member here. Some of the guys gave me your name to call you about my KDP damage problem? Could you please send me your phone number and best time to call? I was going to take it back (I just bought it) but maybe after talking to you I might not? Thank you Harold!

    Brandon Chaffee Richland, Oregon 541-893-6815 brandx@eagletelephone.com

  4. 340longshot

    ut-oh, KDP damage on my new pickup

    Thank you again fellas! I did already tell Tom I was going to just return it, I was working on JB ing that last crack I found underneath and while I was there I ran my finger along the botom left side (passenger side) and found ANOTHER one! I would like to get Harolds phone number and call him though, my main concern now is how much other damage could it have done, to the gears, etc? I probably should have gone ahead and taken the case off while I was right there, but actually I was scared to see what I was going to find. If I can get hold of Harold I'm sure he can tell me the worst senario, and probably a pretty good idea of the cost if it's real bad. He sounds like a mechanic a guy can trust. I look at mechanics (no offence to any out there!) like renters, "if it ain't theirs, hell with it", as I've known some like that. It's almost ready to take back to Baker, but I might change my mind after talking to Harold!? Thank you all again, VERY MUCH! I'll keep y'all posted! Brandon
  5. 340longshot

    ut-oh, KDP damage on my new pickup

    Well guys, PLEASE forgive my computer illiteracy, but maybe I'm on the right page now??? I want to thank all you guys who wrote about my problem!!! After finding another crack in the timing case, I stopped there and waited til the seller got home, called him and let him know I'm bringing her back to him, broken hearted, but better than broken down on some freeway with a truck full of wild unruly doggies and a wife with a knife. If anybody out there is looking for a NICE lookin for 98 12 valve 5 speed, white Quad cab with a glued timing case (he wants me to JB this other crack, and re-do the first one for him, so...)and a mystery engine,runs nice,cool, and has great oil pressure, I know where you might be able to get a real good deal on one. It's gooseneck ready, fresh oil with Rislone ZDDP with some of my last CI oil in it, chrome brush bar, aluminum bed things and a plastic bed liner. At least now you know the KDP is gone! I'm not sure what he'll be asking for it now, but a younger guy with more strength n less arthritis might do good on this rare rig? I live in Richland, Or, and he's in Baker City. I don't really feel like he was intentionally trying to screw me, he's a vet in town, a rancher, and has a name to protect. They just bought 2 new pickups and a tractor was his reason for selling this one. Anyhow, THANK YOU ALL again for your messages! I'll be here, (brandx@eagletelephone.com 541-893-6815) and hangin in there with my other old Cummins n my doggies! Brandon
  6. Howdy mopar man, this is 340longshot (Brandon Chaffee for short), I'm still trying to figure out the site, I'm old n slow, 'specially on the computer, but I want to thank you for your reply to my KDP damage thing. I found another crack on the southeast edge across from the glued one, so I just quit there and am going to put it back together and return the pickup. It breaks my heart, as to me, this was going to probably be my last pickup and I really liked it, as did my wife, but it kinda scares me now. With my shot back and 4 dogs n a wife I'd hate to break down even 10 miles from home, let alone 500. There was a day.....oh well. Thank you again (Dan, right?) and I hope to get this website figured out better! I'll work on it. Take care pard!


  7. Here I go again, I can't figure out how to do the messages thing? Hopefully this gets through, but I want to thank all you guys that wrote about my KDP damage thing. THANK YOU GUYS! It'll take me a while to figure out how to work this site, so I'll just keep swingin til I either hit somethin or get knocked out I reckon.


  8. 340longshot

    ut-oh, KDP damage on my new pickup

    Well fellers, Spent the morning cleaning up the timing case area after I got the damper off, climbed underneath to spit shine it and found another crack in the case 180 degrees southeast of the top glued one, this one hasn't been glued. SOO, close as I was, I didn't even take the cover off,hate to see a grown man cry, 'specially if it's me,she's going back to the seller, luckily an older guy with a sence of honor. Really bummed, but probably time to cut n run from this one while I'm only out an oil change and title fees. I'm thinking maybe that's why the power steeering pumps been going out? 3 in 162,000 miles? Could run a million miles? Could freeze up on the way back to Baker? Poor old broken down loggers can't afford 11 grand dice games. Stickin with the old 96ctd beater for now, may be ugly, but she's a real runner,more my style anyhow. Scroungy old hasbeens n their dogs don't belong in them fancy outfits. Next project-fan hub bearing on the 96 and KDP secure on the 97! Hopefully I can meet up with you fellers n shoot someday? 340wby mag,32"Shilen SS match barrel, vias muzzle break,Rem700 blueprinted left bolt,2oz Shilen trigger, Shehane bench stock (blue n green) 6-20 Leupold LRT,Badger rings n mounts..beer cans at 1000 yards anybody?
  9. 340longshot

    ut-oh, KDP damage on my new pickup

    I will let you know tomorrow what I find in the gearcase, I'm not expecting anything real good. The guy I bought it from says he's put on 2 new power steering pumps recently,hmmmm.... Right now I'm thinking any chipped gears and it's going back. This was "spposed" to be my last pickup. I've had real good performance and luck, I guess, with my others. pretty dissapointing. It's going to need a clutch soon too, so????? Oh well, I'll know more tomorrow.
  10. I'm having a tough time finding messages Elkslayer, please forgive me. Do I click on "new posts"? I found this by accident. Been wondering about putting in a new KDP, but why bother? If the hole's rounded anyhow, let the bolts hold the case?or does it NEED that pin? If it NEEDS the pin, what about the guys that don't know it's fallen out and fell into the pan without any damage? FUNKY setup from Cummins, at best. makes one wonder about the entire engine, and I hate to say that, I have 4 of em.

  11. If the pin is out. You can put a new one in but you need to check the gears good. The case will be expensive.

  12. Thank you for the welcome Elkslayer, now if I can just figure out how to work this website? It's the Schlitz being old and computer illiterate. Keep tryin til she blows I reckon?


  13. 340longshot

    ut-oh, KDP damage on my new pickup

    Well, I finally found my dream pickup..98 quad cab 12 valve 5 speed. Had it about 2 weeks, began the KDP fix it today, first thing I found was a patch of epoxy of some sort in the case over the cam gear. It's been leaking for some time, I figured it was the crank seal or the guy would have told me...I would have. $11,000 hopefully not unwell spent. I just did the tab+ peen on my 96 and it hadn't budged after 230,000 miles, this one has 162,000 on it and after calling the guy I bought it from, it all came back to him. Said he remembers something about that at 100,000 miles in '04? hmmmm. Now to try to find the pin and asses any other He said he'll give me my money back, I'll know more tomorrow after I pull the cover off, 'til then, any advice from any Cummins MECHANICS out there? Get my money back???
  14. 340longshot

    Prayer Request for Mom

    Mooseman, sorry to hear about your problems, banks SUCK. I'm brand new to this site, I'm an old man and computer dummy, but think of this Mooseman, hospitals today do more than miracle work! Heart things today are like tonsilitis 20 years ago. You mom WILL be fine and I betchya she'll feel better when she leaves than she's felt in the last 10 years! Keep the faith brother!
  15. Welcome to the club.