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  1. jdwest

    Finding a Cummins...

    Found one! Made a deal on this one owner. http://boise.craigslist.org/ctd/2371374398.html
  2. jdwest

    Finding a Cummins...

    If only it wasn't a slushbox... That little dealership has actually had a few impressive trucks over the last couple months. Too bad I didn't have the cash then. But isn't that always the way it works!
  3. jdwest

    Finding a Cummins...

    Is harder than I thought, especially if you're looking for a manual tranny 4X4 first or second gen that's not beat to death, and going for less than $10,000. I've been scouring the forums and every other online resource in search of one. I don't care about miles as long as it's a clean truck. Before I sold my current vehicle there was a nice truck on every corner for sale with a stick. Now I can't even find one! I missed several nice, clean trucks that sold before I could sell my Jeep. If any of you know of one that's not advertised please drop me a line. Thanks for the help! The wife is getting tired of me stealing her car. Jeremiah (208) 602-6938
  4. jdwest

    Good body shop in Boise area?

    Anyone wanna buy a kidney???
  5. I'm attempting to get my rendition of "Old Moldy" painted and I'll be darned if the only shop I've found so far that will give me an estimate is Maaco. How embarrassing! No one else is interested. They've all gone the way of insurance work. Anyone have any favorites in the area? I don't care if it's a good old boy doing the work out of his barn, as long as it's quality! Thanks.