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    piss on the moslims

    Well if you guys would just think about it why not give the troops props for fulfilling their duty. I sure do and tell each soldier that has deployed in service to our nation and the freedoms and liberty that we enjoy. However there are plenty of people that as ignorant as they may be that support such foolish acts. In no case should one fighting for what they believe in have such acts of injustice performed on them. How would you feel if you saw such acts against your fellow companions? Those men have no honor and should get their asses reamed if not dishonorably discharged. Their consequences are not mine to assign. JMHO
  2. Nivlak

    piss on the moslims

    Ha really?? Come on guys I would suspect that more of us would be above this sort of idiocracy. However I must take into account this is an Idaho forum with plenty of skin heads...
  3. Welcome to the club.