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  1. GDempsey

    Fuel additive

    Just got back from Arizona, trip was great. A little tuff leaving 84 degree weather. But am glad to be back home. The truck did well with the opti-lube. Avg'd around 16.5 with the 9'10" Lance on back. One section on the Great Basin highway was a little less due to big time head winds. But all in all a great time. So my next project is the 2 micron filter addition. Will be picking up the parts today. Thanks again to everyone for your help and input. George
  2. GDempsey

    Fuel additive

    Thanks, I'm sure we will. I also got all the info you sent me on the 2 micron filter setup. Thank you very much. Theres a Napa store in McCall and they have all the parts I need. I will post up pictures when I get it installed. George
  3. GDempsey

    Fuel additive

    The pail comes with a pump and 2 graduated bottles for fill ups. Thanks for the tip on keeping track of each tank full. I have it down to where I pretty much get 24 to 26 gallons at each fill. The tank is 35 and I fill at the 1/4 mark. I'm making a run to AZ on the 5th of March to do some work around my Moms place. I should be able to get a good feel for the fill ups. She lives close to Lake Mohave and the Colorado river. Also Laughin Nv. So I'm taking my boat:ok:. My take me 2 weeks to do 2 hours of work.
  4. GDempsey

    Fuel additive

    Thanks Muddy, being somewhat paranoid from what happened to my truck, I ordered a 5 gallon bucket of opti-lube xpd. It scored quite high in the test that millco shared with us. I will keep Indiana Randy's name to contact him when the opti lube runs out. I am sharing it with a buddy that has a 2010 6.7. They said 2.5 gallons is suppose to last about 1000 tank fulls. Thanks again for all the info you guys have shared. George
  5. GDempsey

    Fuel additive

    I had an edge chip, that did just that.(increase rail presure) So your comment to not do that, makes a lot of sense to me. Also Millco, I would very much appreciate the email with the parts list for better filtration. We do travel a lot and buy fuel at many different places. A lot of them are out of the way type places, so don't know how long the fuel has been sitting in the tank. Also thanks everyone for the tip on what additive oil to use. Also the two stroke. The group buy thing sounds like a great idea. But living in Lake Fork and I'm thinking you guys are in the Bosie area. The 3 1/2 to 4 hour round trip would kill any savings I might get. I know a few folks up here with diesels. I'll check with Amalgamted and see if I can do somethig here. George
  6. GDempsey

    Fuel additive

    Has anyone found a fuel additive they like more than others. I just got done replacing the #1 fuel injector on my gen 3. It leaked into the pan which diluted the oil and took out the turbo. So now that is new also. So I'm looking to find some thing that will keep the injectors lubed and hopefully not have this happen again. Thanks George
  7. GDempsey

    New to site

    Thanks Dan, That sounds good to me. Always up to having fun outdoors. I'm glad I found this site, seems to be a bunch of good folks here. And thanks again to all for the warm welcome. George
  8. Welcome to the club.

  9. GDempsey


    Heres some of my Jeep. We bought it new in 86. The last CJ. Now it is equipped with; GM 14 bolt and 44, 4.56's with lock rite and Govlock 4.2 with 4.0 head and 95 fuel injection Ford T18 trans Dana 300 with Tera low 4 to 1 kit OBA with 2 1/2 gallon tank 37x12.5x17 Pro comp extreme H2 wheels M8000 winch
  10. GDempsey

    New to site

    Hi all, My name is George Dempsey, new here on the site. We drive a 04.5 Ram 3500 Quad cab 4x4. and a CJ7 Jeep. We love to Fish, Camp, Hunt and travel. We also have a Slide in camper for the truck that is self contained. So we can camp, fish, hunt and wheel of the grid. This is my first Dodge, I have owned a 7.3 IDI and a 7.3 DI. I have owned the cummins for 3 yrs now and must say, I like it better all around than the Fords, Except for the fit and finish of the body and intierior. Here is a few pictures of our Jeep.