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  1. 6.7 or 5.9?

    My personal truck is an 06 w/5.9 and manual tranny. I drive an 07 w/6.7 and 6speed auto on the job. The 07 will run off and leave the 06. I love that new auto trans. and the exhaust brake. Both trucks get almost identical fuel milage, between 17 and 19 on the the hiway,empty. The 07 has been back to the dealer 6 times for reflashes, all having to do with the emissions crap, and the cel still comes on every once in a while. Hope that helps a little with your decision
  2. Smarty Jr.

    How does that Edge smoke, or does it?
  3. Not STOCK anymore

    Gotcha, That explains why I couldn't find how to do it, Thanks
  4. Since I'm not STOCK anymore how do I go about changing that next to my name?
  5. Smarty Jr.

    I,m running it on the tow setting right now, it seems to smoke less than on the economy or performance setting and plenty of power for these slick roads.
  6. Smarty Jr.

    Ive had one for about a month now. It really woke up this engine but it smokes alot. Could be just how I drive though, pretty conservatively. I have heard that it smokes more with the six speeds than the auto's. I bought mine to tow with but will probably not get a chance to untill spring time.
  7. Bullydog?

    Not yet, too many choices-too little cash. Waiting to see how bad the taxman hits me.
  8. Bullydog?

    No offence taken I did the ecm pin bypass according to the posts on DTR. The only dealer that did say it could be done was the one in MTN.Home but they said they wouldn't enable it for me untill DC said it was ok to do so.Every other dealer said they cant do it on 6-speeds and wouldn't even take the time to try it. Thats why I was going to go with a triple dog to enable the extra features.
  9. Bullydog?

    Thanks nate, Just noticed your in MOUNTAIN HOME . No dissrespect intended
  10. Bullydog?

    Bought mine in poky. Also called I.F, Twin, Nampa and Mtn. Home and they all said NO CAN DO. It's been about a month so maybe they have changed their mind by now. Guess I'll start calling again
  11. Bullydog?

    I was leaning towards the tripledog mainly for the high idle, fog lights on with brights and acc. on - key off features that no dealer seems to want to enable for me. Any others out there do it??
  12. Bullydog?

    Thinking about pulling the trigger, Where is the best place in the Twinfalls area to get a Tripledog?
  13. Newbie here with ??

    I would like to start coming to the meetings but because of my work schedule I usually wont know untill the day of the meet
  14. Newbie here with ??

    It is my understanding that when you "unload" the bullydog and return the truck to stock it erases any tsb flashes you had, such as the high idle. I was told you can enable these options with the bullydog programmer without uploading the programmer itself. Sure like to give it a try. How's your bro. like it?? Ya, its my boat but havn't had it on the Salmon yet. I would love to have somone show me the trail down from Corn Creek. Good name for a boat though.