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  1. marsingbob

    60 lb valve springs

    6 new 60 lb intake or exhaust valve springs for a 12 valve. I purchased 12 from Toxic Diesel Performance and decided to replace only the exhaust valve springs. $50.
  2. marsingbob

    HD Steering conversion

    Finished the steering conversion without major problems. Two issues slowed it down. First a couple of the ends were HARD to get off. Had been there 15 years and 150,000 miles and did not want to let go. Second, I reused the drag link collar and it required more cutting that others described to get the steering wheel centered. The truck steers really well. I do not know if the "T" steering contributes to this, because the old parts were really bad. Cost with MOOG parts from Amazon was right at $300. Probably no more than replacing the old style parts. Still do not have the steering damper on, and may just forget about it. The old one probably had not worked for years.
  3. marsingbob

    HD Steering conversion

    I need to replace almost all tie rod ends in my 96 and think it may be worth it to convert to the HD 98 "T" steering linkage. Any experience here with it? Any source for good prices? Seems like ebay has imported parts for around $170, any idea for good prices on MOOG?
  4. marsingbob

    Oil seal question

    Thanks for the help. Seemed to go together fine. The seal was not that tough to drive in from the back. I started it with a block of wood, then finished with a punch working carefully and slowly around the seal. Will start it tomorrow and know for certain!
  5. marsingbob

    Oil seal question

    Yeah I had the instructions that were on this site, but I am a little dense and had trouble following them. I think Harold was saying about the same thing, but was wondering. Driving the seal in with a screwdriver seems a little crude, but that is what the TST photos show.
  6. marsingbob

    Oil seal question

    Working on the KDP retainer for a 96 12 Valve. Have everything apart but I am a little uncertain of the oil seal installation in the timing cover. I found this on the TST website. http://www.tstproducts.com/DowelPina.pdf It seems pretty clear, but I would appreciate it if someone who has installed the seal would take a look at it and see if it seems ok. By the way, the pin had backed out about 3/8s of an inch. The engine has 145,000 miles, and probably would have been ok, but who knows!
  7. Good to see you at the dinner meet.:cheer:

  8. marsingbob

    New Member

    Just joined, but have been watching for a while. I have owned a 96 Dodge 2500 5 speed for about 10 years. Stock, except for a pac brake. Its a farm/hunting truck and it shows a lot of use and abuse, but runs ok. I do a fair amount of bird hunting, and have done a lot of big game hunting. Also some rv'ing. Mostly do my own mechanical work.
  9. Bob, glad you made it to our club :cheer:

  10. Welcome to the club.