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  1. jkinzer

    Get your pic's up for Jan 2011

    i'm from lewiston idaho, but have been to boise twice in the last couple months...
  2. jkinzer

    Playing in the First Snow of the Winter!

    i cant take any credit for the video making i was just in it. my buddy owns a filming company 208FilmProductions and makes videos for a living. he shot this video with a Sony EX 1R and a cannon 7D. here is a link to his video he made last year
  3. jkinzer

    What do you ride?

    is that a 990/995 motor? used to have a 1085 in a cmx a few years back, one of the torque'st motors i've ever been around, too bad psi turned out too be a crook
  4. jkinzer

    What do you ride?

    post up some pics/descriptions of your sleds. always enjoy seeing the different ways people tweak things here and there to make them totally unique! here's a couple pics of my sled for this season
  5. Welcome to the club.

  6. jkinzer

    Playing in the First Snow of the Winter!

    thanks man, i'm fairly new to the diesel world (got my first diesel,current truck, last spring). the main thing i've learned so far is that they are more addicting than snowmobiles once you start mod'ing them.
  7. jkinzer

    Playing in the First Snow of the Winter!

    snow was deep in mccall this weekend link to a short video from this weekend as well New years weekend Mccall Idaho