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  1. been told the following from a dodge owner that had a similar problem...
  2. YMMOT

    JULY's West side ITD dinner meet!!!!!

    I will NOT be there. My reasons have been stated elsewhere.
  3. YMMOT

    1980 240d wont start

    An OM617.952 is easy to block off the EGR. So don't turn away from a decent running OM617.952. OM617.951 engines are kind of hard to find.
  4. YMMOT

    1980 240d wont start

    I would say find another MB that runs and go that route. Below is good info for engines that would be easiest to put in. Any year 240D. 1979 thru 1980 300SD 5cyl turbo (no egr OM617.951) 1981 thru 1985 300SD 5cyl turbo (egr OM617.952) 1980 300TD 5 cyl turbo(no egr OM617.951) 1981 thru 1985 300D 300SD or 300TD (OM617.952) Best engine choices are the om617.951 without the EGR. Next would be a non-Cali car between 1982 thru 1984. Cali cars and all 1985 cars have a trap oxidizer that really hurts the power.(smog crap) If you want you could go the the older non-turbo 5 cyl, but if you are doing the swap might as well get the turbo. Can't just slap a turbo on the non-turbo MB diesels as there are lots of subtle differences that make a huge difference over all in the engines. Things like cam profile, compression, rings, and oil squirters to name a few. The best place to get a ton of info on MB diesels is www.schumanautomotive.com/forums. LOTS of knowledge there. Plus Henry Schuman can get you good prices on parts if needed.
  5. YMMOT

    I'm Back. . . SORRY CHEVYS

    Not a problem. BTW that 06 you were asking me about had a pretty clean OASIS report. Looks like it would have been a good truck too.
  6. YMMOT

    I'm Back. . . SORRY CHEVYS

    Nice Truck Ryan. Now stop sending me text messages and just call me.
  7. sounds like your browser is caching the site. For whatever reason it tries to take to a cached version of the site.
  8. YMMOT

    test post

    still working on this
  9. If they are showing up in your spam folder on yahoo, just open the email and click the button that says "Not Spam". Spam filters work on an assumption. Since our emails go out and it is obvious they are bulk mail, that puts them close to be labeled as spam to start with. By choosing "Not Spam" in your hotmail, msn, or yahoo mail account, you are training the spam filter that it is not spam and it will start to show up in your regular in box. Hope this helps some of you.
  10. YMMOT

    Project clean-up

    Sounds like a cool idea.... make sure to clear it with ISP if you are going to be doing it along the interstate. Lord knows they may get pissy. If you and shane do it. Make sure to send out a press release to the local news. Good publicity is worth it's weight in gold.
  11. Reduced the amount of smilies displayed... looks better.
  12. Easy Shane... Mike is just helping.... Mike put a lot of effort into this place in the beginning... I'll look into playing with those settings and see if there are others like it for the newthread section. Thanks mike.
  13. YMMOT

    Vehicle in Poci

    Randy is just embarrassed to admit it.... he bought a Cummins....