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  1. svgould

    Got Your Build Sheet From Ford, Yet?

    Shame for sure (I had already aquired half the parts)....with new baby coming, there was not time for the swap. But on another note, I did recieve a reply from Ford that they recieved my build sheet request and will get back with me shortly.
  2. svgould

    Got Your Build Sheet From Ford, Yet?

    I guess I should update my profile....I moved over to the dark side and bought a 2000 f350 Crew Cab!
  3. svgould

    Got Your Build Sheet From Ford, Yet?

    Thanks for the info....I just submitted mine! Any idea how long it takes to recieve the build sheet? Shane
  4. svgould

    Got the call

  5. Install was a snap, couldn't have asked for any easier. Are you still selling the B&W hitches....I will need another one this spring. Also, you still do welding? I may have a few small jobs coming up in the near future.

  6. Hi,

    Thanks for the site welcome. No relation to Jerry Gould that I know of, maybe very distance cousin or something. I think I purchased a B&W hitch from you a while back...I was driving a gold 2003 dodge cummins at the time and met you at your work during lunch?


  7. svgould

    WTB 47RH 4x4 Transmission

    Thanks guys....I'm not in a huge hurry so I will keep my eyes open. Lumpdog, I will PM you with some other questions.
  8. svgould

    WTB 47RH 4x4 Transmission

    Hi, Looking for a 47Rh transmission from a 1994 or 1995. As long as it has been or is able to be rebuilt I'm interested. Let me know what ya got! Thanks, Shane
  9. svgould


    I had my 1994 Chevy 6.5l tested 2 weeks ago....it went something like this. - Moron comes out, I hand him the emissions card - Moron asks me to pop the hood - I ask why he needs under the hood - Moron replies to hook up "rpm gauge" to spark plug wire - I smile and pop the hood...just for the fun of it. - Literally more then 2 or 3 minutes pass and Moron comes back and knocks on my window to ask if this was a diesel. Keep in mind the truck was running the entire time. I say yes and he goes into the little shack to figure out what to do next. Comes back out 3-4 minutes later and does the tailpipe snap test, which I easily passed
  10. Welcome to the club