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  1. That looks good and I'm hungry. CYA tomorrow.
  2. I notice that I need to keep logging in also. I can't see the dinner meeting information if I forget to log in.
  3. I got my appetite. I will see you guys in a few hours and will probably bring a friend.
  4. They have milk shakes.
  5. Me and my appetite are planning on attending tonite. Any idea which pies are on the menu?
  6. Good for you Chris!
  7. Homedale ends tomorrow I think.
  8. Me too!
  9. I didn't eat after my afternoon nap so I haven't ate since noon. I am sure I will be able to handle that hemi challenge with fries, tots, and big chocolate shake. Cya in an hour or so.
  10. Let me know the date! I have a friend who is talking like he is ready to buy one of those sxs's. Once you try one you are sold.
  11. That is something crazy like Muddy used to do with me in it and Trevor too.
  12. Can I ride with you Muddy? I will put together an extra big lunch. What is on the menu? Home made Chili again I hope? Should I bring my ice cream freezer again? Generator? I gave up that silly notion of quitting beer so I will bring a bunch and party with all you guys around the camp fire.
  13. And I am hungry. What kind of pie special tonite? do they have huckleberry Ice Cream? Mopar Challenge with a Strawberry milk shake sure sounds good.
  14. I'm really hungry. Hemi challenge sounds good for tonight and it comes with a big milk shake.
  15. This will be fun. We always eat good. I will bring the ice cream maker again as long as someone brings a generator.