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    #104 plate

    so fellas im not to familiar with a number 4 plate but im running a 100 now and i know how a 0 fuels. so the 100 is like a 0 (full fuel) until the higher RPMs correct me if im wrong. so how does the 104 fuel with the little portion cut out before the defuel? Also my current setup is all the AFC tuning, ground foot, different washer blah blah blah lol my 100 plate is full forward, AFC is full forward, 5x.012 injectors, 64mm (mystery turbo), 4k's, 60 VS, 17*, exhaust and itake all that stuff its a bit slow to light but when it does im gone and the street is black. my truck is very smokey and its getting a little old lol and my turbo is a little laggy but ive been told i have plenty of fuel to light it. so could you guys give me some ideas on what to move around, im thinking slide the plate back a little bit and tighten the starwheel back up