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  1. MamthTORQ

    DYNO DAY @ Motor Mayhem. Sun May 1'st, 2011

    I was really hoping to make it on Sunday, but I will be working today through monday:wall: I wanted to see what the new mods did for me (besides make it easier to kill my tranny! ). I've added a Smarty and 5" TBE. Oh well, maybe I will try and use up some vacation. It really sucks now too, since the last dyno I moved from NV and bought a house in Star. So I hope to make it to some of the other gatherings now. Hope there is a good turnout with good weather.
  2. MamthTORQ

    IDAHO DYNO DAY, Sunday Dec 5TH, 2010

    Yeah Darryl, we definitly should, I have not been online for a few days so I missed your post. I live in Wells but go to Elko all the time. Hey Muddy it looks like I will make it in the morn, if the weather holds, it has been so warm the roads should be fine.
  3. MamthTORQ

    IDAHO DYNO DAY, Sunday Dec 5TH, 2010

    Sweet, I will be able to make that work. I will pass out a bunch and give some to a few performance shops around here.
  4. MamthTORQ

    neat old dodge offroader

    That would be perfect. I have always wanted to make an old truck like that or even one from the 30s-40s, into a truck that could smoke any new one, obviously done by cummins power. But as with most things gets in the way.
  5. MamthTORQ

    neat old dodge offroader

    That is some good reading, cool to see their proving grounds I would like to have a couple of these trucks.
  6. MamthTORQ

    IDAHO DYNO DAY, Sunday Dec 5TH, 2010

    Hi everyone, I finally got myself registerd, life has been busy, just had another daughter (2nd and last) last week. Glad to be on here. I am going to try and make it up there again, I have a new truck that I want to get on the rollers before I do much more to her. I sold my 2000 which I was in last time, several months ago. Anyway, if there were some fliers that I could print out and pin up down here in NV I am sure some would attend. The modified diesel population here in and around Elko is pretty healthy. Just a thought. Thanks Casey