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  1. How did the dinner meet go hope to make it next month.
  2. 2000fps

    I have been busy!

    Looks good Max.
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    New air filter

    It has been a while, The airaid is fine. My trans has been heating up to as much as 250. The torque converter locks up when it is in reverse. I drained all the trans fluid and changed the filter. It did not make a differance in the temp. When i turn off my chip the converter does not lock up, I called bully dog they said if i send it back they would replace it but i am really worried about the trans. The trans temp does the same thing with the chip on or off.
  4. 2000fps

    New air filter

  5. 2000fps

    New air filter

    Thanks for all the info on the boost. I have few days off, i am going to take a look at it. I lost my digital camera and only have one pic of my truck I put it on web shots; however, it is not a very good picture. I will let you guys know what i find on the boost. Thank's Tim
  6. 2000fps

    New air filter

    Hello all new to the site just got a new Airaid air filter today. I'll post some results when I get them. Tim