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  1. Hi Julie! I too am glad you are here!

  2. Glad to have you on the site. I never got to meet you, but Jeff and I talked quite a bit. Sending a PM to you.

  3. hi julie. glad ya are here. i gave you a pm a bit ago.

    hope you can make a dinner meet soon. :cheer:

  4. Hey Muddy!! I'm hanging in there, I was on Jeff's email earlier cleaning it up and saw the notice about the club meeting and decided it was time I registered and touched basis! plus I have some stuff that you might like to have...Jeff had alot of truck stuff how to's and such saved on the home computer. Thought maybe someone could benefit from it all instead of it just going to waste. I think i still have your #, mine is Jeff's old one 573-1296. Give me a call. Take care,Julie