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  1. MarineOne

    I'm back!

    Been busy with a new job, classes, and modding my Commander. Sold our '06 so it has a new home, bought Momma a MB GLK 350 4Matic, and planning on getting rid of my truck's bed for a flatbed. How you guys been doing? -Kris
  2. MarineOne

    2012 Limping due to 'Low Quality DEF'....?

    Hey guys, DEF is known to go bad, more so if you see tiny colored balls of the ingredients at the bottom of the container. I'd check the DEF before the sensor, but then check the sensor as well. -Kris
  3. Sorry folks, I'm going to be in Idaho Falls for work. -Kris
  4. Idaho State ATV Association meeting/camping this weekend in Pine/Featherville. -Kris
  5. MarineOne

    Morimoto HID headlights for Dodge 2nd Gen Trucks

    Yup, we've been down that road doing all the research, which is why we had Travis do it. -Kris
  6. MarineOne

    Morimoto HID headlights for Dodge 2nd Gen Trucks

    Just an example of what can be done with them. Travis gave us a decent price especially with all the custom work. HID's are really the way to go, and if you salvage them from a wrecked late model Audi, etc., you can have a set for under $100. -Kris
  7. MarineOne

    Morimoto HID headlights for Dodge 2nd Gen Trucks

    You can also talk to Travis at Trax Customs in Meridian. This is what he did for my oldest's truck when he still had it. Travis comes HIGHLY recommended. -Kris
  8. Won't be able to go, I have server reboots on the first and third Wednesdays. -Kris
  9. MarineOne

    '08 6.7L cooling issues

    Yeah I was thinking maybe it's a water pump. The early 6.7's look like they used a plastic fin design, so I'm looking at a 7 blade metal one from Throughbred Diesel. Adding that quart of distilled might have been the fix as well. Now it's burping so I'll have it on an incline for a few days and see how it helps. -Kris
  10. MarineOne

    '08 6.7L cooling issues

    Anyone seen temps spiking to 210 degrees, or more, when under load or a heavy foot and when you let off and temps come back down? Just rolled 68k miles. It's been doing it with the original 190 t-stat and a new one from Cummins that's a 180. Coolant changed about 10k miles ago, and was doing it before the coolant change. Tried burping it, but it only took a quart of distilled water. Ideas? -Kris
  11. MarineOne

    Emmett Chili Feed

    I've been super busy with the club, more so now that I'm the club president. I'll cross post the rides as they get published with about a 4 to 6 week notice, or as much as I can get depending on when the ride info is sent out. The ID-UTV site has been hacked twice in the past roughly 60 days, so we're cutting our ties with the guy that was supposed to be hosting and maintaining it because clearly it's not being maintained. The version of Word Press being used was how it got hacked, and this last time it messed up the visitor count so we had to remove it for the site to regain functionality. We have a guy that's going to redo the site and make it look similar to this: http://evenews24.com/ This is a news site for a video game I play called Eve Online. It's basically internet space ships, but includes a lot of the politics happening in the game, updates that are coming from the game developers, and some of the epic battles for different parts of space in the game like: The battle of solar system B-R5RB - losses were equal to $330,000 USD https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bloodbath_of_B-R5RB Siege of solar system M-OEE8 https://community.eveonline.com/news/dev-blogs/siege-of-m-oee8/ We're going for a news article style so that the info is laid out in a clean and clear format, and gives it a professional look and feel. Submissions will be easy to do and while it won't function like a forum, it will present information like a forum ... we just won't have internet trolls or vulnerabilities. -Kris
  12. MarineOne

    EGR-diesels, a necessary evil

    Deleted mine because I was losing boost pressure, and regens during the winter just don't happen so it was throwing codes. Now I'm no longer Blue-Tec ... it's Black-Tec Boost pressure has come back up, as in more than I've seen in a long time. Used to top out around 22 pounds, and when I get on it hard I've seen 30-32 pounds, with ~28 pounds being normal with the tow tune. I will need a clutch for it soon, the stock unit does not like the increase in power, so a South Bend unit might happen this summer. Fuel mileage increase. First tank was an 80 mile per tank increase, then 100, then 115, then 128. Granted this is on a Titan 52 gallon, but normally I'm filling it around 40 to 43 gallons so an extra 100+ miles per tank is looking great. I was getting about 540 miles on 42 gallons (~12.4 MPG), last tank was 631 miles on 40 gallons (15.77 MPG). This is daily use from Kuna to Boise, so on a long trip I'm expecting better. Overall power. I'm seeing an increase in power that isn't affecting mileage, so a big plus there. It's time for a new fuel filter, oil change, and a PCV filter (68k miles) and I'm going to do a Blackstone oil analysis on it to see how it's doing. -Kris
  13. MarineOne

    Emmett Chili Feed

    Currently, we're using MeetUp and the events calendar on FB. If you don't want to use FB, then MeetUp (it's a phone app) would be your best choice, however you need to be a member in good standing (aka, paid membership) of one of the clubs to have access to it. There are a lot of folks upset with MeetUp due to their "Resist" movement. If you want to read more about that, just Google "MeetUp #resist". It's all anti-Trump. -Kris
  14. MarineOne

    Emmett Chili Feed

    Lots of rides coming up, most are still waiting to be published. We're on MeetUp, but it looks like we're going to use the club's Facebook group and publish events there, too. That whole #Resist thing with MeetUp left a bad taste in the mouths of a lot of people considering that those groups don't have to pay while the other groups have to pay $180 a year.
  15. MarineOne

    march 15 event almost here

    I'm gonna miss this, we have a board meeting for the UTV club that night. -Kris