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  1. Mopar1973Man, Muddy & ITD

    I noticed my total attachment limit is now only 500kb which means I am unable to attach images to any posts any more, was this done on purpose help keep the site smaller?
  2. 2011 F350 6.7L Emission Removal

    I am sure liking how mine is running with all the emission equipment removed. It does run a lot better with a noticeable amount more power. Not a huge increase in mileage driving around empty in town and on the freeway. I am pretty sure the mileage is about 1-2mpg better at the most which, if one reads forums around from honest people who keep track of their mileage by hand and not just with the computer, this is a pretty normal increase. My tuner allowed me to turn the low boost fueling down so even if I get after it before the turbo is spooled there is almost no smoke that comes out of the exhaust. The only thing I have not tried yet with the tuner is any kind of a power increase and I probably won't unless we get a dyno event or something going again. My experience is with stock power taking off in a straight line I have to put it in 4x4 just to keep the tires from braking loose so more power really isn't useful for me, don't need to go through tires any faster then I already am!
  3. 2011 F350 6.7L Emission Removal

    I have seen several posts on forums where the emissions were covered under warranty as long as the truck was under original powertrain warranty and it hadn't been touched. However, it does seem like the newer emission systems are much more reliable than the early years, which is to be expected. That being said, I do agree that the emissions put quite a bit of un needed stress on the engine, especially the EGR due to oil contamination. The chip I bought does not have a lower power setting, I can lower the low boost fueling which I have currently at one notch below stock to help make sure it doesn't smoke. I can change the timing, I haven't done enough research yet to see what a good amount of advancement would be. That was one of my main reason for removing mine, a lot of times I only am able to dive the truck 5-10 miles which is not enough for the DPF to be able to regen. Also, in my research I found that regen is not a full cleaning, more of just flushing out the bulk. Because of this a DPF's lifetime is only expected to be about 100k depending on use. I'm not sure about the Dodge, but a replacement for mine is aboht $7k! I'm not familiar with Dodges but in my experience with the Fords they actually have it dialed in pretty well. For the most part the truck would work fine with the emissions to where a person wouldn't have to touch it until its lifetime was reached. Short tripping and lots of idling will definitely present more problems and reduce the lifetime of the emission parts. A lot of over the road trucks are meant to have a passive system meaning the DPF is cleaning pretty much all the time while the truck is driving as long as the truck doesn't see too much idling or short trips. Now if this actually works well for them still has yet to be seen. Everyone has their own opinion about about new trucks and their emissions, but for me I wouldn't let that be the only reason to refrain from buying a new truck.
  4. 2011 F350 6.7L Emission Removal

    Got it all done, definitely not a very easy job! The EGR removal is the worst part simply due to the difficulty getting to everything. Once removed, blocking everything off is very easy and straight forward. The instructions contained in the Sinister Diesel EGR removal kit were easy to follow and walked me through everything that was needed to be done. Was a tight fit in my single car garage! Thankful for a little cover to work. Prior to EGR cooler removal: Was necessary to remove the front grille and passengers headlight to access the small radiator and EGR cooler coolant hose: EGR cooler removed: With the EGR cooler removed a person can finally see the fancy turbo on this beast! You can also see the exhaust manifold block off plate that has been tapped for a stock pyrometer sensor. All the Sinister Diesel block off plates installed: After the EGR cooler was taken care of I removed the DPF. It is a little difficult to by ones self as it is a pretty big assembly with the filter and cat built all into one. But with a little planning and some blocks it can be done without it falling on you! Just be sure to unhook all the sensors first, I believe there are 8 connections that need removed! It is impressive at the DPF's efficiency at reducing the soot particles size: Pre DPF: Post DPF: Most everything went pretty smooth, it is a fairly long process at least for a first timer though. I went with the H&S Mini Max tuner because of its monitoring abilities. After the Mini Max program was installed I found out the EGR pyro is not the one I was supposed to use in the exhaust manifold block off plate shown above. On my first test drive as soon as I would touch the accelerator the EGTs would show over 2000*F. This would put the Mini Max into defuel mode right away. I did some research and found that you have to use one of the pyro sensors out of the DPF, not the one used in the EGR cooler. Switched the sensor out and everything has worked great since. Truck runs quite a bit better now, definite noticeable power increase! The Mini Max has 4 power settings on it, I have never used anything other then stock because the tires already have a hard time keeping up with the engine now. I have not noticed a large difference in the MPG, probably partially due it being winter now with more idling. The truck is a little louder now, the DPF and cat are the main muffler on these with only a small resonator after the DPF and cat assembly. I left this resonator on and the noise is not excessive but you can hear the engine, turbo, and exhaust a little more on the freeway. Before I decided to attempt this project I did some research on how the EGR and DPF work and what they are supposed to do and if they effectively reduce emissions, here is what I found: How DPF's work: http://www.trucktrend.com/how-to/engine/1107dp-dpf-the-time-bomb-under-your-diesel/ Are DPF's better for the environment: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diesel_particulate_filter How the EGR works: http://www.weatherimagery.com/blog/diesel-engine-egr-bad/
  5. 2011 F350 6.7L Emission Removal

    Just ordered all the necessary items to remove the emissions from my new pickup. Pretty excited to have a truck that smells like a diesel again! The truck is just now getting out of the warranty coverage period which is why I chose to do this now, plus I have time to do it now that it is winter break. Will update with info and pics when I get it all complete.
  6. Been a while!

    Thanks! I did finally sell it last week. A couple bought it to tow their restored 1978 31' Airstream to live in full time, hopefully I can get a picture out of him as I imagine it will be a great looking setup! Here is my last picture of the good old truck.
  7. My own add

    Was a great truck and will be missed! A couple bought it to tow their restored 1978 31' Airstream that they are going to live in full time and travel to warmer climates. Happy to know it will be used and enjoyed well.
  8. My own add

    It's interesting to see how many folks want or are interested in it yet don't have much money!
  9. Greetings from the blue/green algae area

    Welcome to the forum! Great group of guys on here who are usually up for helping each other out or having some fun. You should try to make it to this month's dinner meet which should be Wednesday the 16th of this month at Mr. V's in Caldwell about 6pm or so.
  10. Finally back on the forum after getting locked out for quite some time after the site upgrade Lots happened the past year both for my truck and just life in general! Definitely the biggest change for my wife and I is the expected arrival of our first child in February which we finally just found out will be a girl! Made several upgrades to the 97 this year as well. Had the injectors rebuilt by Rosewood Diesel with Stage I upgrade, also finally got around to fixing the stock turbo down pipe with a 3" and had DP Tuner set me up with several custom tunes for the new injectors. Am very pleased with how everything turned out, truck ran great all summer and pulling our trailer camping was a dream! (See photobucket attachments since I am apparently over my whopping 500KB attachment limit...) Summer camping with the 97 After all this work and fun with the truck we decided to buy something a little newer... New truck As such the 97 has to go... Tried to convince Millco to buy it to keep it in the family but they have decided to keep the '06 mega cab instead (can't really blame them, it is a nice truck). Sad to see the good old truck go, but we are really happy with our new one! Here are some more pictures from this summer's adventures: Camping 2016: Summer camping 2016 Mount Borah Hike 2016: Hiking Mount Borah 2016 San Diego Miramar Air Show 2016, Las Vegas, and USS Midway Museum: San Diego trip 2016
  11. My own add

    Thought I would post my own add in case anyone is interested. 1997 OBS Powerstroke
  12. ITD Web Site Changes

    Nice. I've been noticing this site was starting to get a little dated in terms of the forum looks. Excited to see how it turns out.
  13. Dead truck

    So you have installed the new hpop and IPR and are still experiencing what you think is low hpop pressure? I would suspect IPR wiring as well. I would recommend taking a good look at the IPR connector and tracing the wires as best as you can. Also have you check the hpop oil reservoir since installing the new hpop? One last thing I can think of right now, does the tac move while you're cranking on it when it won't start?
  14. Second Half of Junior Year at BSU Begins

    Depends on how you look at it and what you do with the knowledge. Like most things, college is what you make out of it. I don't know of any degrees that don't require continued education. In fact, most degree programs are built to teach the basics for the students to then learn and continue to learn while working, research, or whatever they decide to do. As far as I know, this is how it's been for a while. Especially for degrees which depend on and use anything in the electronics and computing sectors. Even now, if a person is to go through college for almost anything, some of what they learn could be obsolete by the time they graduate, let alone by the time a decade or two passes. This is especially true for anything to do with STEM sectors. For example, I stopped working for Micron not even 7 months ago, and already the technology they are researching has changed. I believe anyone who chooses a good degree program and puts forth the required effort it will indeed pay off for them, quite literally. Anyways, I'm happy I decided to attend college. Even though the cost is high and the pain is great at times, it is already paying off through the start of my Navy career, even before earning my degree.
  15. Second Half of Junior Year at BSU Begins

    Sorry to hear about your textbook situation. I have noticed there are very few instructors that prepare anything before the semester actually starts. In the past, I have emailed instructors a few weeks prior to the start of the semester to ask questions about required books and materials. Rarely did I ever get a reply back before the semester actually started. I'm not sure how your classes usually work, but I've started waiting till after the first class period to get textbooks. I have found my classes usually don't actually start using the book till at least week 2 and after the first class I usually know what is required. Also, since I pay for all my stuff I rarely go though the bookstore. Only time I do use th BSU bookstore is for 'BSU only' books which I can't find elsewhere. Even then, I try everything to avoid the bookstore by looking locally in ads and such, not really because I don't like them, their prices are usually quite terrible. Anyway, congrats to making the last half of your junior year! Hopefully we will be graduation mates May of next year!