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    Feed store laborer and looking for full time work
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    Ford guy, I call Teton Valley Idaho home, always been into diesels.
  1. FordDZLMan9191


    When I get the money to do so, I plan on building a BCM AR. I was gonna use their cosmetic blemished lower and a 16" barreled mid length upper from BCM as well, just haven't decided on which one. Its definitely gonna have a 1/7 twist though instead of the standard 1/9 most ARs have. I thought about just buying a Stag Arms that was at the gun shop but after asking some questions and doing some research, I've decided to just build from the best of the best.
  2. FordDZLMan9191

    Gun Ownership ?

    I want to get a 9 and .45 to go with my .40. G19 for the 9 and a 1911 for .45
  3. FordDZLMan9191

    Gun Ownership ?

    Also, from what I've seen, .40 is cheaper than .45, yes more expensive than 9mm but that makes since. I like it, but if it goes bang I like it anyway. It doesn't matter what size it is. Same with diesels, if its got a compression ignition engine, its cool no ifs, and, or buts about it. We all have our preferences. The big reason I didn't get my XD in .45 was cost of ammo. Maybe if I could reload then I probably would've.
  4. FordDZLMan9191

    Gun Ownership ?

    I'm actually saving to buy an AR. And as far as I know, an AR is considered a rifle so you only have to be 18 to buy one. I've been looking at a DPMS, Stag Arms, or whatever I happen to find used with goodies already on it.
  5. FordDZLMan9191

    Gun Ownership ?

    LOL ok
  6. FordDZLMan9191

    Gun Ownership ?

  7. FordDZLMan9191

    Gun Ownership ?

    I can actually get .40S&W at my local Ace hardware and I have. I never thought about saying its for a carbine though. Got that kel-tec one I could say its for too. I look older than I am so I don't get ID'd very often, so I've been able to get away with buying some ammo. What would you guys say a used Beretta M96 "govt and police issue" in .40 with 1 11 rd mag and 2 10 rounders is worth? There's one for sale here in the valley that I've been thinking about picking up just to keep in the truck. He's asking $400, dropped it once from 450. Has Trijicon night sites and after market Hogue rubber grips.
  8. FordDZLMan9191

    Gun Ownership ?

    Signed, dated receipt with serial number and gun model. Ok, I think I can get that much from her. Its wasn't "get it out of my name or give it to me," it was "get the damn thing out of my name." So that should be easy. Thanks you guys!
  9. FordDZLMan9191

    Gun Ownership ?

    So I can buy from a used gun in a private sale? I've been wondering that for awhile. I've seen a few on KSL that I've wanted but wasn't sure I could even buy them. I know some people ask for a CWP when selling their handguns but most don't say anything about it.
  10. FordDZLMan9191

    Gun Ownership ?

    That's just a quote I like. Yes I agree with it and yes I understand you 100%. It doesn't mean I'm packing and when a cop asks why I have a handgun I say that quote. I'm not that stupid and no I'm saying that you said I was either.
  11. FordDZLMan9191

    Gun Ownership ?

    It hasn't been registered then. It's been in my possession since we were able to pick it up from the gun shop and I haven't taken it in. So if its not registered, and I don't "purchase" it from her, what could happen? Since its not registered, do I really need to worry about anything? She just wants to make sure its not in her name is all. I've found that I can possess it at age 18, just can't buy handguns until 21.
  12. FordDZLMan9191

    Gun Ownership ?

    I know I haven't been on in a awhile but I could really use some help if ya'll can. My sister is being a real P.I.T.A once again(you all should thank the good Lord you don't know her) and says that she wants my XD out of her name. I'll try to keep my personal drama out of this and stick to the legal question at hand. Since I'm not of legal age to purchase handguns, she agreed to sign for it and all(when she wasn't being a P.I.T.A.). It was my hard earned cash that paid for it, but she was the one that filled out the paperwork and handed over the cash. I'm pretty sure that the gun shop I bought it from knew it was for me too, since I walked in, told the guy what I wanted, handled the weapon, and said I'd take it. Then when he said "we'll have to do some paperwork", in comes my sister. I think there are 2 fairly easy ways out of this but I'm just not sure where to find info without getting myself in trouble. 1 is to just make it look like I bought it from her since private sales don't require BG checks or anything as long as you know the buyer is not a felon or anything along those lines(but the hard part about this is making sure I don't pay for this gun AGAIN) and 2 is to "gift" it to me. The 2nd I'm not completely sure can be done. I've only heard of it. I've tried looking online but the only thing reliable that I've found is that in Idaho, firearms don't have to be registered. But since the gun was bought brand new from a FFL dealer, I'm thinking it might be registered to her. Short of talking to the local LE or ATF, is there anyway to find out if it is registered in her name?
  13. FordDZLMan9191

    fleetside/stepside SWB/LWB

    Its a step side to me, whatever make it is. SWB and LWB are short wheel base and long wheel base. and as for old dodges, anything older than 92 looks ugly, except 69 Chargers and 70 Challengers.
  14. FordDZLMan9191

    New Member

    Welcome! Got a pretty nice looking truck there.