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  1. take it apart dan lol
  2. dodgeracerss

    Attention all 6.0 Owners!

  3. dodgeracerss

    Bottom conveyor trucks?

    i was talking to a friend and he has a conveyor truck. he wants me to find work for it. the ? is to the farmers we have here where should i look to post it for work whats a far amount to charge per day per load just would like to find out a little more thanks guys
  4. dodgeracerss

    brown ish oil

    i believe the runs fleetgard too and he runs delo oil.. but i guess it runs that clean
  5. dodgeracerss

    brown ish oil

    ok well i talked to him and its darker then i thought its kinda a dark brown black i guess is what he told me so im not sure could it just be running really clean? i have never seen diesel oil dark brown only black yes dan it is
  6. dodgeracerss

    brown ish oil

    ok thanks guys well look at it when i get out to nampa ill keep you posted
  7. dodgeracerss

    Congrats to Randy!!! He's a Grandpa...

    CUM ON hes a old man give grandpa a brake:poke:
  8. dodgeracerss

    brown ish oil

    thats what im kinda thinking i guess in another month when he changes the oil ill try to be there really hope its not a head gasket:td:
  9. dodgeracerss

    brown ish oil

    im not sure i wish i would of been there to look at it my 93 was alway black when i changed it
  10. dodgeracerss

    brown ish oil

    well my friend called he just bought a 93 dodge 12v two wheel drive the changed the oil and drove 5k miles he started to change it and it was light to mid brown what could it be anyone know i thought it would be water getting in the oil?????????????????????????
  11. dodgeracerss

    puttin a CAT stack on the 1st gen

    it looks good like shaner said tint the windows black youll like it
  12. sorry to hear that man
  13. dodgeracerss

    back in IDAHO

    cruzin my jeep lol
  14. dodgeracerss

    back in IDAHO

    it was good too long got tired of just sitting around but had some good times out there but glad to be home
  15. dodgeracerss

    back in IDAHO

    well guys i got back sunday looking to see everyone at the meets