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  1. Leaving Thursday Oct 27th returning Sunday Oct 30th
  2. tomorrow is the day

    gonna try and make this one..
  3. For Sale: 1991 Wilderness 24M Travel Trailer

    I don't want to play middleman..I passed info in to few friends but don't want to be going back and forth on site messaging. u got a number to call msg it to me.
  4. For Sale: 1991 Wilderness 24M Travel Trailer

    how does one not on forum contact you in regards to camper?
  5. idaho turbo diesels dinner meet, wed may 18

    I should be there..trying to get couple ecodieseler's to go. Only going because Muddy said he was buying dinner:)
  6. Thought someone could use this..covers fluids, greases and sealants. Cross_Reference_Guide_19Dec2014-1 (1) (1).pdf
  7. Won't make it.. Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
  8. and case you are wondering I got 29 on the highway(foot in it), too and from the meet and still getting 22 in city with the foot in it as well..
  9. Great turn out, the gadget Muddy was talkin about was the Torque Pro app for my android phone along the with the Bluetooth OBDI reader, it allows me to see parameters not shown on the dash.. like diesel particulate filter capacity, when its going thru regeneration..etc. I attached a screen shot, I can read and clear engine codes, graph parameters, etc.. You can read up on it here http://torque-bhp.com/ and here http://torque-bhp.com/wiki/Main_Page The app works with diesels 2004 and newer and most gasser 1996 and newer.
  10. wont make daughters has swim practice at 7pm in Eagle
  11. I should be there as well...
  12. 2GEN 98.5-2002 FUEL INJECTOR LINES

  13. wont make it..son's birthday..
  14. tow and stow

    No more knee knocker... http://www.turnoverball.com/products/adjustableballmounts/tow-stow-receiver-hitch