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    just a girl that loves dodges
  1. Lol o I'm pretty good sized,6'2 265 not overly big.lol

  2. toy cummins

    September Gauge Special

    they look nice and price is not bad.
  3. toy cummins

    My MBRP turbo back to dual stacks kit.

    i like the stacks. just cant have the smoke on my loads.
  4. toy cummins

    Little boy watches too many TV ads

    good one dave. are you still free?
  5. toy cummins

    Get your pic's up for september ROTM

    whats new?
  6. toy cummins

    97 12 valve problem

    that sucks curtis hope your luck changes soon.
  7. toy cummins

    September ROTM VOTE

    ok i voted.
  8. toy cummins

    2 word post thread.

    bad mike
  9. toy cummins

    Barocky Road

    Thats about right.
  10. I cant dyno but i will be there.