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  1. Cummins motor goes BOOM


    Had a company truck towed to the shop last night from Everett.

    Driver says motor has problems, hmmmm I guess so.I'd post pics, but I can't here.

  2. How do I get to my cp section to clean out old pm's. 

  3. Thinking about getting a new fifth wheel this year. Any recommendations? 

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    2. Mopar1973Man


      Like myself I got a 2000 Jayco Eagle 296 FBS for the reason of the square tube frame that is double stacked. Heavier trailer but stronger for traveling dirt roads. The cabinets are real wood not fake like most low end RV's. Nice large 50 gallon water tank and 3 waste holding tanks 2 grey on black. Fiberglass body I like much more than the aluminum body. Nice large fridge. Bathroom is plenty big for even me. True queen size bed not RV queen. 

      Lipert frames are very known for being weak. 

      I spent better than 4 hours being trained by a nice guy at Camping World on how to judge construction of RVs. Then he showed us high end models new that where absolutely horrid. Cheap a$$ luan panel benches, crappy fake cabinets made from MDF board, etc. All considered high end model because of the name. So when I got him to show me RVs that where used he held out for the Jayco because it barely hit the let and had no price. I got it for $10,000 out the door. Wonderful RV. No issues at all minor repairs but nothing big yet.

    3. Mopar1973Man


      Might b easier to just call me at 208-628-3645... :ok:

    4. 97cummins


      I'd call, but you are two hours ahead of me. And I don't want to wake you up of you go to sleep.

  4. This site slow.

    Is any one having speed issues on this site.  It just seems to be really slow. Maybe it's just me.

  5. Boy am I tired, work is nuts.

    I need a vacation. :-?

    1. Mopar1973Man


      I know the feeling... :P

  6. Hey adam, if you got to the outdoor section and look under the post I posted for you under (elk hunting) another member posted some info for you. Hope this helps.

  7. Welcome to itd

    I like your avatar

  8. hey john,about time you joined here.

  9. And welcome to the club.

  10. Thanks for the picture comment. Got a pic of one of those trucks?

  11. I had a good time there to. It was a much needed stress reliever.

  12. It was nice getting a chance to see you at hosses bomb party.

  13. Yes, they did the recall and update stuff to it after they put it together before i picked it up brand new.On the first run i didn't get 6 miles when it had a check engine light.Turns out it was a coolant air bubble in the system.After that i havn't had a problem.

  14. Thanks for the heads up on the ecu.I keep an eye on my sled for that. Is that a common problem with the dragons?

  15. ( I'm lookin for a sled that doesn't stop itself when I lay it down going down hill or carving)??

    Did the voltage regulator throw a code on the display before it went out?and,yea when i rode his sled,it did feel like a tank.

  16. Dang,1200 for a kit.I might do something more with my dragon later after i finish paying for it,and learn how to ride it.I let a friend ride it around on our last ride after i banged myself up and his first words were dang, i can get to liking this sled. He has an 03 yamaha 800.

  17. Yea,I've heard the pro is a nice sled.

  18. Dang,I have an 09 dragon 800,163" /rmk,97 super sport,02 rmk (doesn't run)

  19. Yup,ihear you there. I've got a truck that has to go back to the shop becaues of the dpf.

  20. yup,i like working on the trucks,except the dpf garbage,more headackes than their worth.

  21. heavy trucks(big rigs)