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  1. John deere Is the worlds leading manufacturer of ag. Machinery, forestry, and major construction equipment manufacturer. Deere and co. Was founded in 1837 by john deere, black smith and inventor of the first commetcially succesfull cast steel plow. Today the illinois based company employs more than 50,000 people around the world.
  2. Mahindra One of the worlds largest tractor companies, with over 150,000 units sold every year. The companies homeland is india. Mahindras came to the usa in 1994.
  3. New holland Was founded in 1895 in the pennsylvania borough of the same bame. Today new holland is part of italys fiat industrial, producing ag. Equipment for over 160 counntries worldwise.
  4. Massey ferguson was formed in1953 when massey-harris co. Merged with three point hitch creators the ferguson company. Creating massey ferguson.
  5. Well, as for yanmar. I learned that yanmar creator yamaoka hatsudoki kosakusho created the first small diesel in 1933.
  6. Wow! Now i feel like im school. I found out kubota build their own tractors, from engine to rear end. Ect,ect,ect. Im still looking, ill be looking at new holland and yanmars next.
  7. He sold the red ford he bought a couple years ago to one of his friends. His friend took the truck to a shop. They found the fuel pump is shot,two cylinders are dead, injectors are shot. His friend now needs another ford 7.3 idi If you know where one is please let me know.
  8. After doing alot of research on tractors. Im leaning towards john deere and massey fergason tractors. But i have more research to do.
  9. Well, my brother started tearing the motor down on Monday. I now have a 800/900 lb.paper weight in my garage. He found the head bolts were only finger tight. The rocker bolts were finger tight. After he pulled the head off, he found #4 piston is melted. And he also found there may be 3 or 4 cracks in 3or4 of the cylinder liners. Just my luck. I may have to end up and sell what parts I can to try and recoop the price for the motor.
  10. Yea right!
  11. This site won't let me upload any new pics.
  12. They use that crap here. Ive seen the damage it can do to over the road trucks and parts.
  13. My brother finally got the other block put in the garage today. Time to start tearing it down and check the internals. Ill have my brother post pics of tear down. Then start pricing rebuild kit.
  14. I have a full 4 inch turbo back exhaust going into duels. Just exhaust piping.
  15. How do I know if the fuel at the station meets it or not?