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  1. Dash cams

    Im looking for a dash cam for my service truck . Lately it seems the nut job drivers have been coming out. I want one for my service truck just in case. What brand do you recomend?
  2. Why Muddy needs a true desktop PC.

    Some of the software the company ii work for runs linux.
  3. Change the turbo oil please...

    And the engine to,wow!
  4. Fuel filter relocation

    I'd like to see a pic of it if you can find it muddy.
  5. Sub compact tractor

    No i wont be doing tractor work full time. Mostly for house and friends. I didnt think the gooseneck trailers were heavy. I was considering getting a regular bumper pull style trailler. This tractor doesnt have arm rest either.lol Thanks for the info, things i didnt consider before.
  6. Winter time is coming to Idaho

    Why am i not surprised that muddy posted that pic. Lol
  7. Led third brake light

    I already tried the leave the cago lights on and walk away for a while. No luck, they was still on. As for the fuses, the fuse numbers in the schematic didnt match up with the fuses in the pd box or side of dash in cab.
  8. Fuel pressure gauge

    Water hammer pulses?
  9. Sub compact tractor

    Im seriosly leaning towards the massey ferguson. Im also possibly going to pick up a dump trailer also to haul it around. And im hoping for it to be a gooseneck style trailer.
  10. Winter time is coming to Idaho

    Love the pic mike
  11. Fuel pressure gauge

    Where is the best place to plumb in a fuel pressure gauge on the fuel pump?
  12. Is there a way to move the filter assembly to a better location to change the filter?
  13. Led third brake light

    My new cargo light is led. I worked on it for couple hours after work. I even hooked up a new head light switch to see if it was the switch. Nope. Even completely unhooked the cargo lights were still on. I rechecked the fuses, they were good. What I found odd on the cargo schematic was the wire colors for the cargo light plug matched the head light switch colors. But the head light switch colors didn't match the cargo light colors. I also couldn't find the two fuses the schematic showed that were constant powered. If I new that I was going to run into this issue with the new led light. I would have just bought new led bulbs for the stock housing. Oh well for now.
  14. Led third brake light

    No loose connections. I ended up cutting the powered wire so the cargo lights are off. Ill end up wiring up a seperate switch for the cargo lights.