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  1. My other 12valve

    Well, a couple days ago i got a call from my brother saying he was rear ended while driving the white truck. Im thinking oh crap. He is ok, but the car that hit him is, well. Lets just say its not going anywhere any time soon, if ever! Basically he said he was waiting to make a turn and looked in the rear view mirror a saw a car speeding behind him. The next thing, the car plows into the back of him. After the police came, the car was pushed to the side and he drove home.
  2. Tranny go boom

    So true
  3. Tranny go boom

    I know the other truck is a 12valve, but its not my 12valve. Lol
  4. Tranny go boom

    Ive been dying to get my truck back. Its been three weeks of torture because ive been driving my brothers truck.
  5. the new look

    The site keeps looking better and better.
  6. Tranny go boom

    Well, im getting my truck back on monday after being fixed. After the guy took my tranny apart he found my imput shaft twisted. So i talked to him on the phone last sunday and he says since you have this manny mods you should upgrade to the billit imput shaft. I told him that was in my plans for next year.so i just had him put a billit in it while he had it apart. So thats out of my way.lol
  7. Tranny go boom

    Well, yesterday afternoon was interesting to say the least. I was driving to get some dinner,and after making a turn and driving again. The next thing i know i hear a boom and i suddenly have no gears. Forward, reverse, ect. I had to wait for the tow truck to take me home. Dont know yet what happened until the tranny is pulled.
  8. Why Muddy needs a true desktop PC.

    Thats why i like android phones,not much in a way of viruses.
  9. the new look

    Group photo??
  10. I had a coworker today ask me about a transmission coversion to a toyota with a diesel. He said he asked the question on cumminsforums spot on facebook. And he said they got really rude to him about the question. When i heard that, it really irratated me. I told him dont waist his time on that site. I told him about this site.
  11. Let's see your snow!

    Your very welcome,lol
  12. Ford - All because a rear parking sensor didn't work?!

    All that because people are to freakin lazy to look before turning,ect. It was so much better back when.
  13. Let's see your snow!

    A chevy in muddys yard
  14. Ford - All because a rear parking sensor didn't work?!