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  1. Morimoto HID headlights for Dodge 2nd Gen Trucks

    I love my 6000 hid head lights.
  2. 1995 2500 fuel filter number

    Im looking for a fuel filter and number that i can install in place of the fuel water seperator filter.
  3. Mopar1973man, i sent muddy a money order towards the end of last year for site up keep. Did he let you know so you could update the donation graph?
  4. This will fix my 47RE transmission

    I also have lock up switches for my tranny. 3/4 lock up Over drive lock up.
  5. Tranny go boom

    97, The valve body is a reworked valve body that will suport up to 700hp. And yes its a dunrite.
  6. Dump trailers

    When i get a tractor this year,i may a dump trailer also. What are good brands of dump trailers?
  7. Dyno days

    I sure do miss idaho trips for dyno days,
  8. Tranny go boom

    Mine is the 47re auto, with a dunright tripple disc,and heavy duty valve body.
  9. tools

    Son of a !&#*$*%&$&$^#^# tool The tool that gets thrown out and across the shop from under a vehicle when something doesnt go right.
  10. My other 12valve

    Ive seen russa videos on you tube, and they are crazy drivers.
  11. My other 12valve

    Well, a couple days ago i got a call from my brother saying he was rear ended while driving the white truck. Im thinking oh crap. He is ok, but the car that hit him is, well. Lets just say its not going anywhere any time soon, if ever! Basically he said he was waiting to make a turn and looked in the rear view mirror a saw a car speeding behind him. The next thing, the car plows into the back of him. After the police came, the car was pushed to the side and he drove home.
  12. Tranny go boom

    So true
  13. Tranny go boom

    I know the other truck is a 12valve, but its not my 12valve. Lol
  14. Tranny go boom

    Ive been dying to get my truck back. Its been three weeks of torture because ive been driving my brothers truck.
  15. the new look

    The site keeps looking better and better.