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    mechanic for peterbuilt
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    I work for peterbuilt in fife,WA. as a mobile mechannic.

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  1. 97cummins

    for john. ford education

    Wow!!!!!!! What disstruction!
  2. 97cummins

    Washington liberal nut jobs.

    That's pretty much it. I also like to call them brain dead.
  3. 97cummins

    Washington liberal nut jobs.

    And, no such thing as an automatic assult riffle
  4. 97cummins

    Washington liberal nut jobs.

    We have alot of VERY!!! STUPID liberals in this state.
  5. 97cummins

    Washington liberal nut jobs.

    Here is the basics of what the lib nut jobs are trying here. initiative creates a definition of an "assault rifle" as follows: It then creates a number of changes to ownership and acquisition of such rifles, including: Requiring a training, to be renewed every five years, for purchasing any semiautomatic rifle Requiring all semiautomatic rifle purchases to be approved by local law enforcement authority Applying the same process for purchases of all semiautomatic rifles as it currently exists for handguns - but without the exception for people with concealed pistol license and with a mandatory 10 day waiting period Amending that paperwork to state that owning guns is a danger to the purchaser Establishing a fee, up to $25 to fund all of the above Banning sales of semiautomatic rifles to out-of state residents Establishing the minimum age of 21 for purchasing semiautomatic rifles Banning possession of semiautomatic firearms for people under 21
  6. 97cummins

    Fuel filter for 12valve

    His is the spin on. Mine is the drop in filter style.
  7. 97cummins

    new gun confiscation law

    The 22 riffle i have was bought new by my grandfather and handed down to me. They aint gettin it. Not without a fight, or over my cold dead body.
  8. 97cummins

    Washington liberal nut jobs.

    Ill try and find a link
  9. 97cummins

    new gun confiscation law

    My state is trying to pull some crap as well about guns. They are trying to label the 22rifle as an assult weapon.
  10. Well, the liberal nut jobs here are trying to put on the ballot, making the 22rifles into assault weapons. And are trying to add a bunch of crap about them into law.
  11. 97cummins

    Sub compact tractor

    Well, i use the crap out of the tractor. I will be picking up a rear scraper blade in a week. When i was in cali for my neices birthday my uncle sold me a 5' brush hog for the rear he barely used.
  12. 97cummins

    Fuel filter for 12valve

    My brother is looking for a better way to remove,replace the fuel filter on the 94 cummins. That filter is hard to get to.
  13. 97cummins


    Well, i took a trip to cali. I know. Dont grill me, it was for my neices birthday. I came in at 25.61mpg. Not bad for an old 12valve.
  14. 97cummins

    Sub compact tractor

    Post a pic muddy
  15. 97cummins

    Sub compact tractor

    C&b trailer???