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  1. Muddy, can i make a donation after i get back from my vacation? And i dont have pay pal. Ill send you a money order.
  2. I now follow itd on facebook. Fb can irratate me to know end. I hit the like button on fb and it wont stay. They have done this to me before.
  3. I know muddy is not a facebook person. But, i think if the site was on fb, it might help to get this site jumping again. We may meet someone that would be able to host dyno days again. Those were fun.
  4. This will fix my tranny

    I have their tripple disc on my truck, love it.
  5. A new injector seller?

    I work in the trucking industry,and it amazies me how much diesels change every year. They are no longer as simple as like when the 12valves came out. There are more sensors,more computers to check everything, more wiring. The emmisions systems has also changed so much. You have to constantlly keep up with traning to figure every thing out.
  6. July Idaho Turbo Diesels Meet, Wed 7-19-17

    What about a dyno day? Me and mom miss trips to idaho for dyno days.
  7. July Idaho Turbo Diesels Meet, Wed 7-19-17

    Oooo, a future camp trip??
  8. Sub compact tractor

    I didnt know yanmar as in side by side to.
  9. Sub compact tractor

    I also learned some of the sub compact tractors uses yanmar for their engines.
  10. Sub compact tractor

    John deere Is the worlds leading manufacturer of ag. Machinery, forestry, and major construction equipment manufacturer. Deere and co. Was founded in 1837 by john deere, black smith and inventor of the first commetcially succesfull cast steel plow. Today the illinois based company employs more than 50,000 people around the world.
  11. Sub compact tractor

    Mahindra One of the worlds largest tractor companies, with over 150,000 units sold every year. The companies homeland is india. Mahindras came to the usa in 1994.
  12. Sub compact tractor

    New holland Was founded in 1895 in the pennsylvania borough of the same bame. Today new holland is part of italys fiat industrial, producing ag. Equipment for over 160 counntries worldwise.
  13. Sub compact tractor

    Massey ferguson was formed in1953 when massey-harris co. Merged with three point hitch creators the ferguson company. Creating massey ferguson.