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    I work for peterbuilt in fife,WA. as a mobile mechannic.

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  1. 97cummins

    Dump trailers

    Yup, bring flat bed and haul away.
  2. 97cummins

    Dump trailers

    They gave you a new one?
  3. trevor,


    please PM "muddy's viagra" and send her your mailing addy.


    got something important she needs to send you :)


  4. 97cummins

    Engine knock

  5. 97cummins

    Dump trailers

    Then make them haul it back and bring a new one to you.
  6. 97cummins

    Dump trailers

    Take that thing back to them, and claim it as a lemon. And make them get you a new one.. The rear spring hanger is not right also.
  7. 97cummins

    Engine knock

    I took my truck to source last month because my motor has been knocking when at an idle. Well, they found that the rear of my exhaust before it splits into duels completely broke off. So my broken exhaust pipe has been hitting my exhaust causing the knock. I just had them remove the rear of the exhaust. So now i have part of an exhaust system still on my truck and wondering what i should do with it. Or leave it alone.
  8. 97cummins

    Sub compact tractor

    Sure muddy, you have a trailer i can use? Lol I should have known you would joke when i mention a hoe. Lol,lol. I tried to down load a pic of my new toy, i mean tool. But it says upload failed.
  9. Cool, a pic of our fearless leader.
  10. 97cummins

    Sub compact tractor

    1 series family 25hp yanmar motor, hennce the 1025 I got the canopy that mounts to the rops Its gonna have a thumb on the hoe. And a rear 60" finishing mower. I saw a new 4in1 bucket on a pallet, but didnt want to spend the exta 4500/5000$. Maybe later.
  11. 97cummins

    Sub compact tractor

    Well, i pulled the trigger for a sub compact tractor. I decided to go with the john deere1025r tlb. Because its built in georga. Plus john deere was closer to home. And massey was a hour away. I still like the massey, As for the trailer,ill have to wait. I cant wait for it to show up and put it to work.
  12. 97cummins

    Morimoto HID headlights for Dodge 2nd Gen Trucks

    I love my 6000 hid head lights.
  13. 97cummins

    1995 2500 fuel filter number

    Im looking for a fuel filter and number that i can install in place of the fuel water seperator filter.
  14. Mopar1973man, i sent muddy a money order towards the end of last year for site up keep. Did he let you know so you could update the donation graph?
  15. 97cummins

    This will fix my 47RE transmission

    I also have lock up switches for my tranny. 3/4 lock up Over drive lock up.