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    I work for peterbuilt in fife,WA. as a mobile mechannic.

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  1. 97cummins

    Sub compact tractor

    C&b trailer???
  2. 97cummins

    Fuel filter for 12valve

    I only have the one filter on the engine.
  3. 97cummins

    Sub compact tractor

    Your dump trailer would haul my tractor. Update, i finally got my tractor back a couple fridays ago. They found the pressures wasnt set correctly from the factory, set to low. They had to readjust everything. What is the update with your trailer issue muddy?
  4. 97cummins

    Fuel filter for 12valve

    What brand do you guys use on your 12valves? And what milage until you change them. I try and change when i do my oil filter change.
  5. 97cummins


    Well, i finally got my tractor back last friday from the shop. And three blocks from my house, i loose 2nd gear. Ill be getting my truck back tomorrow. The guy working on it said in the 40 plus years of doing transmissions, he has never seen the part that connects with with 2nd gear break like that.
  6. 97cummins

    What to do with exhaust

    Lol, no thanks. I dont like that look.
  7. 97cummins

    What to do with exhaust

    No muddy, your not old.
  8. 97cummins

    Engine knock

    No evan, no rod knocking. Bottom part yes.
  9. 97cummins

    Engine knock

    No, the rear part of the duals outlet pipe was hitting the front of the exhaust that mounts to the turbo.
  10. 97cummins

    What to do with exhaust

    Well, since i dont have dual exits now. And with my exhast stopping before the rear axle. Do i put new duals back on, exit the exhaust in front of the rear axle, or stacks? What do you think??
  11. 97cummins

    Engine knock

  12. 97cummins

    Dump trailers

    Yup, bring flat bed and haul away.
  13. 97cummins

    Dump trailers

    They gave you a new one?
  14. trevor,


    please PM "muddy's viagra" and send her your mailing addy.


    got something important she needs to send you :)


  15. 97cummins

    Engine knock