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  1. Good time had by all
  2. I have 2 temp positions open right now for 6 months due to mobilization for mechanics but you have to be in the Army Reserves to fill it. If this works let me know
  3. Let meknow what you need me to bring, Off the top of my head I'm thinking: Mashed spuds-gravy, and a fruit salad.
  4. Well that is something CV won't have to worry
  5. ROGER
  6. OH>>>OK!!!!
  7. Well then thats too bad for them I guess.
  8. I have manual fuel pressure gage if you need to test your lift pump.
  9. Where did ya go?
  10. Nice looks like you guy's had a fairly successful trip.
  11. Are we going to have to change your user name to deerslayer? lol... nice 2 point
  12. OH HELL YA... Is Muddy dressing up as Santa Claus ??? Hopefully not in a speedo!!!
  13. Is it possible to have the ITD lo go on the front?