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    I Want My Mpg up

    Question: I have an ’02 Dodge Ram 3500 with the 5.9L Cummins engine and 3.55 axle gears. A couple of years ago, I removed the muffler and installed an aftermarket air filter. At first, the truck picked up mileage, going from 16 mpg to 18.7 mpg. Within a few weeks, the mileage dropped to 12 mpg, and everything I have done to it since then (replaced the injection pump, added a FASS fuel system, Edge Juice programmer, changed the MAP sensor) has only gotten me a few additional miles per gallon. I’d really like to know what happened to my fuel mileage and how I can get it back. Steve Wisniewski Scotland, Connecticut Answer: It sounds like you’ve hit most of the usual suspects. There’s a rumor that over-oiling an air filter can contaminate the MAP (manifold absolute pressure) sensor and cause a mileage drop, but we’ve never actually seen this happen. An injection pump that is worn out is another scenario that can cause poor mileage, as the pump won’t be able to advance timing fully, and mileage (and power) will suffer. If you’ve gotten a used pump or a cheap remanufactured pump from a shady source, chances are it could be mostly worn out with some new parts, giving you an injection pump featuring the same problem as the one you just removed. The first thing we’d do is verify the pump’s injection timing is correct when the engine is idling. Find a diesel shop that has a clip-on timing light that attaches to the injection pump lines. The shop can then mark the engine’s balancer at top dead center and figure out what the engine’s base injection timing is. Anything less than 12 degrees before top dead center at idle would indicate something was amiss. The VP44 pump also advances timing at higher rpm, so once the engine is revved up, it should hit about 25 degrees. As a last resort, you could put everything back to stock (including the airbox) and see if you can hit 16 mpg again, and then redo your modifications one by one
  2. Idaho Turbo Diesels is on FACEBOOK and this is the link. edit url: https://www.facebook.com/idahoturbodiesels/?ref=bookmarks If you are on FACEBOOK go check it out.

    Show use your out doors pic's

    Just another day on the ranch.

    WINNER OF September ROTM

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    I think I'm going to go twins. My temps are off the chart with a load. I dont know shit about twins so what do I need?
  6. Ebay Has Glow Shift Pod & Gages For 199.00 Free Shipping. Go To Ebay Then Glowshift Gages.
  7. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xT0Ua2ogGJQ]Compression Release Brake for Cummins 6BT - Pics - YouTube[/ame]

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    #11 fule plate for sale

    I have a #11 fule plate for sale for $50.00 If someone needs one.

    Colorado Recall


    Colorado Recall

    Hell yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Tuesday, August 27, 2013 Stymied by Congress in his gun control efforts, President Obama told a group of big-city mayors Tuesday that he would take more executive actions to reduce gun violence. The closed-door meeting at the White House included Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr., who discussed “strategies to reduce youth violence,†the White House said in a statement. Mr. Obama “vowed to continue doing everything in his power to combat gun violence through executive action and to press Congress to pass common-sense reforms like expanding the background check system and cracking down on gun trafficking,†the White House said in a statement. The administration failed in an effort this spring to get the Senate to approve expanded background checks on gun purchases, a legislative response to the Sandy Hook school massacre last December in Connecticut. Among those attending the session were Mayor Cory Booker of Newark, N.J., a Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate; Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter; Washington, D.C., Mayor Vincent Gray; New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu; Mayor Jean Quan of Oakland, Calif.; Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Mayor Sly James of Kansas City, Mo.; Mayor Molly Ward of Hampton, Va., and Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed. One local official notably not on the list was Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the president’s former chief of staff, whose city has been especially plagued by gun violence involving youths. The White House said Mr. Obama told the group that government isn’t the only answer to lowering gun violence. “The president reiterated that government alone can never fill the void that causes a child to turn to violence, but that we all have a responsibility to do our part to create safe communities and save lives,†the White House said. “The president applauded the mayors for their local efforts to combat violence, solicited their input about proven methods, and pledged his Administration’s partnership. Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/aug/27/obama-promises-mayors-unilateral-action-guns/#ixzz2dJArsu1s
  13. In a controversial move today, Kentucky law makers slipped a bill through the senate making the installation of a tracking device or “Weapon RFID System†in firearms mandatory by state law. The program’s preliminary launch will be in Clark County, Kentucky, specifically in the city of Winchester. Winchester is probably best known for spawning the late Helen Thomas and their 1998 contribution to the Guinness Book Of World Records for most underage tobacco users per capita in the United States. Nestled in the eastern portion of the blue state, the city of Winchester also is home to several academies of higher learning and is thought to be more intelligent and liberal than the rest of the state. Kentucky itself boasts one of the highest gun ownership rates in the country. Officials say they hope the bill will catch on so they can push to have it implemented nationwide. // // ]]>The legislature seems to be inspired by Chicago Official, Alderman Willie Cochran, who approached his own city’s Committee On Public Safety back in January of this year with a similar idea. Cochran proposed it would be: “Just like if your car gets stolen, OnStar can tell you where your car is. If your gun gets stolen, and you report it, we should be able to find that gun.†// // ]]> By the beginning of next year it will be mandatory that all registered firearms within the state of Kentucky be implanted with a Weapon RFID System. Those who are found to be non-compliant by the deadline will face steep fines, jail time or even the loss of the firearm. Gun owners will be required to show up at a predesignated location where they’ll pay a small fee and hand over their firearms to be implanted. Any weapon that is still active must be have the Weapon RFID System installed. So this also means some antique or specialty guns will need to be looked over as well. This program ensures that communities are kept safer when incidents of gun violence occur. By being able to track weapons used in violent crimes the perpetrators are apprehended quicker sparing further casualties. It will also enable law enforcement to locate stolen firearms by using the Weapon RFID System. Lawmakers feel it is a acceptable compromise to install the chips rather than permanently confiscate every gun in the state as they have in countries such as Australia, Canada and the UK. The lack of gun ownership surely hasn’t negatively affected our neighbors from “down under†or any country with strict firearm laws. After all the horrible gun violence in our nation this journalist agrees that it is high time to start searching for viable solutions. - See more at: http://nationalreport.net/weapon-rfid-system-kentucky/#sthash.gxftDMlR.dpuf


    I AM SO MAD! What does this word mean? Dhimmitude The word "Dhimmitude" is found in the new health care bill. So what does it mean? Thought this was interesting and worth passing on. Obama used it in the health care bill . Now isn't this interesting? It is also included in the health care law. Dhimmitude . I had never heard the word until now, so I typed it into Google and started reading. Pretty interesting! It's on Page 107 of the Obama healthcare bill. I looked this up on Google and, yep, it exists.....it is a REAL word. Dhimmitude is the Muslim system of controlling non-Muslin populations conquered through jihad (Holy War). Specifically, it is the TAXING of non-Muslims in exchange for tolerating their presenceAND as a coercive means of converting conquered remnants to Islam! ObamaCare allows the establishment of Dhimmitude and Sharia Muslim diktat in the United States ! AND Muslims are specifically exempted from the government mandate to purchase insurance and also from the penalty tax for being uninsured! Islam considers insurance to be "gambling," "risk-taking," and "usury" and is thus banned. Muslims are specifically granted exemption based on this. How convenient. So I, as a Christian, will have crippling IRS liens placed against all of my assets, including real estate, cattle, and even accounts receivable, and will face hard prison time because I refuse to buy insurance or pay the penalty tax. Meanwhile, Louis Farrakhan will have no such penalty and will have 100% of his health insurance needs paid for by the de-facto government insurance. Non-Muslims will be paying a tax to subsidize Muslims. This is Dhimmitude.
  15. It is not surprising that the first police raids to take legally-purchased firearms from citizens are in California. Until recently, the state had the strictest gun control laws and the liberal run state government has always looked unfavorably on the Second Amendment. Earlier this year, the state legislature expanded the list of what they call “prohibited persons†– people who have legally registered a firearm but, for various reasons, are no longer allowed their Second Amendment rights. These reasons were expanded to include people who are behind on state taxes, did not pay toll fees in a “timely†manner and a wide range of other minor misdemeanors or reported mental health concerns. In preparation for the crackdown, the state authorized $24 million to hire additional officers to track down 20,000 people on the list. One person on this list was Joe Mendez. A police officer came to the door and lured Mendez out of his house with a story of a hit and run report. Once outside, he had M16s pointed within inches of his face, was taken into custody and had all weapons removed from his house. It is important to remember that these were legally- purchased and registered firearms. That gets to the other issue about this initiative. This case demonstrates what registration lists really are. They are tools to allow police to confiscate weapons. And, all they have to do in California is come up with a reason you should be on the prohibited persons list; a list that is continuously expanding in its scope and definition. California gun owners beware: your firearms and rights are being confiscated by your liberal politicians.
  16. Selling a P7100 pump with injector lines and complete timing case. Pulled from a 1994 Dodge Cummins engine with a cracked piston. Mileage unknown. I will NOT answer emails, just call me. Asking $700 OBO. Call Scott at 208-965-0503.
  17. Runs great! Call 208-550-1130
  18. 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 Automatic Transmission 90k Miles .. Pulled ready to go $600 Firm Call Johnny 208-409-6007


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