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    i love diesels and im a truck driver i have two little boys one is a 1years and the other is 3 mount
  1. Hey muddy just wanted to Chek with u to see if u happend to come a cross a edge cts or cs monitor or I'd go with a banks iq monitor

  2. cumminsman95


    So just run the diablo then muddy I'll be moving back down there during spring so I'll have to bring the dertymax to the next dyno day do u know any that has a edge cts insight or a cs insight they want to get rid of or a bullydog watch dog
  3. cumminsman95


    Anyone run or have run a dr performance nitro flach programer for the duramax I got one from a friend and I don't know anything about it it any good need some info also I have a diablosport predator to just wondering Wich one is better for the truck
  4. cumminsman95

    looking for a cts or bullydog monitor

    Or I would go with piller gauges to
  5. Hey yall I'm looking for a edge cts or bullydog monitor for my 04 duramax lb7 yes I got rid of the 97 12v the ti thing was braking down to much so down the road it went anyways that's what I'm looking for so if anyone has one they want to get rid of let me know my cell number is 208 790 6792 name is aaron Thank you
  6. Looking for for a rolling chassis must be ex cab and stick shift cab dont care if the motor is shot or gone must also be a 12v cab 2nd gen got 1500 cash in hand it would be a plus if it had a tranny in it my cell is 208 790 6792 thank u
  7. Hey yall im looking at a set of 180hp injectors from a buddy forr 106dolers what I need to know is what do I need to do to the truck to run them if I decide to get them what will it do to my fule mileage or should I just have my spare set of stock injectors honed out to a 50 or 75hp I need your guys help just got a 01 24valve hx35w turbo to put on bc my stock hx35 is going out so I thought id do injectors at the same time pleas let me know guys thanks
  8. Hey guys just wondering if a set of 24 valve injectors or injector nozzle will work in an 97 12 valve
  9. cumminsman95

    Selling Holset WH1C Turbo--Needs Rebuilt

    Hey Scott im interested in your trubo for the price u have listed on Craigslist pleas call me ill be going through newmeadows sunday pleas call me at 208-790-6792 if u still have it
  10. cumminsman95

    47re rebuild need help

    Hey yall im going to be doing rebuild on my 97s 47re tranny now I was thinking of just doing a valve body and a built torque converter now should I do a full re build or just those two things the torque converter and valve body or do the whole tranny including the valve body anx torque converter need your guys opinions thanks for your help
  11. Hey guys I have a question when doing the mistory switch on my 97 cummims with a 47re auto tranny on the orange and black whier on the computer box behind the air cleaner do I need to run a ground whier from a ground to the tagel switch to the that whier or just one whier to the ornge and black whier to the talgel switch I know u do a jump whier on the tranny relay and leav it out let me know guys and if anyone can post some pics on hear for me pleas to see how u guys did it thanks aaron
  12. cumminsman95

    #11 fule plate for sale

    Do u still have the fule plate if u do give me a tex 208 790 6792
  13. cumminsman95

    trade wheals and or gun for exhaust brake or bumper

    Ill be in nampa the 17th if any one wants to look at the gun
  14. cumminsman95

    trade wheals and or gun for exhaust brake or bumper

    Wheals sold still got the gun
  15. You still have the front seats if you do how much and you can tex me 208 790 6792 ill be in nampa the 17th