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  1. MLR1

    New projects!

    Yes it is! The only problem was the roads last night/this AM kept me from having any fun. I thought the drive over was bad, but last night took the cake! Took me 4 1/2 hours to go just a over 200 miles. It was 4 wheel drive and staring at the maker poles to try and stay on the road. I thought I was going to be stuck some where for sure because of closures. I made it home at about 3:00 this afternoon, and I only stopped twice. Once for fuel and once to take a 1 1/2 hour nap. I was way too tired to keep driving! I also want to give a big thanks to MAXTORQ for all of the help and use of the shop!
  2. MLR1

    New projects!

    Thanks! I just hope that it runs as good as I think it will when I get everything done....
  3. MLR1

    Vehicle in Poci

    I would be happy to, but I am in Denver for a few days....
  4. MLR1

    New projects!

    Looks like the head is going to be fine after the valve job is done! The crack was in the seat and didn't leak with a pressure test. I was very relieved to get the good news after putting all that work into it. I will post up the latest picks after I get back......
  5. MLR1

    New projects!

    Bite your tongue! I thought that I was going to "mash my spud" on the way over here late late Sunday night. Roads were bad between Sinclair and Laramie WY. 2 18 wheelers over turned and 2 more were tangled together between 2 guard rails in less than a mile, shutting down west bound I 80. Some dumb ass from CA passed me going way over 50 MPH. I was already in 4X4 and running about 40 with an 18 wheeler a ways behind me, running about the same. When we were about even with the two rigs that were tangled. He started doing 360's in the middle of I 80. I went between the reflector poles and way into the gutter and still thought he was going to get me! I am just glad I had a cummins block and stuff loaded in the bed to help with traction.
  6. MLR1

    New projects!

    I made it to Denver (MAXTRQ's shop) early this AM and we broke down the trans today. Didn't look too bad inside for all the shudder I was feeling. I didn't break down the OD section because I was replacing it with a 48RE OD, so I don't know what it looked like? We think that most of my problem was the torque converter. We should have it assembled early tomorrow and just waiting for a converter that will be here Wednesday. I am sorry I didn't take picks. I am hoping to find out in the next couple of days if the head is going to be salvagable......
  7. MLR1

    New Shiny STUFF!!!!

    I have always liked that style of wheel. I run a set like those in the summer.
  8. MLR1

    project MAX-FREEK

    Yes you do. I will be bringing that junk head with me, so you can see how thin the casting is there. I just hope mine can be saved.
  9. I am running a FASS and did exactly the same thing you did. I even think I used the same Earls fitting as well. I didn't want to plumb in to the port on the pump to keep the connections under the hood.
  10. MLR1

    project MAX-FREEK

    Looking good. Can't wait to see it in person on Monday!
  11. MLR1

    New projects!

    Well I was able to get the intake side done and started working on the exhaust and found a crack on the 6th valve bowl that I worked on. Needless to say I wasn't happy. I decided to keep working on it and take it to the machinist that I was going to have O ring it. It may still be salvageable. I will post some more picks soon.....
  12. MLR1

    big thanks to Snowman!

    Good Job! That's the way to step up and help a felow member out.
  13. MLR1

    got screwed by a company... how to handle?

    I totally understand not wonting to burn up your leave working on your truck. There are only 2 mechanics that I trust to work on stuff and 1 of them is working on your rig...
  14. MLR1

    got screwed by a company... how to handle?

    I would make an effort to try and contact them directly by phone or in person. I am about 99.9% sure that it is a wast of time, but you at least have to try. I would also use your cell and keep it in the call log in case you need it later. Then I would talk to the folks and see if they can whip the boys back into shape and make it right. If/when that fails. Go after them with legal action. I feel your pain on this one I have had a similar thing happen to me when I was younger. Paid for some head work on a 360 gas rig and found out that my money went into a pulling truck owned by the mechanic. That is when I started doing all of my own work that I could....
  15. MLR1

    New projects!

    I was able to get all of the intake bowls done and 5 of the runners. I still need to do some finish sanding, but you can see some of the process. These first 2 shots are a bit hard to tell on how big the casting bumps are. On the first pick, there is a ridge that runs the full length of the runner and a nasty valley on the other side that does the same. Because of the angle, I couldn't get a shot on the valley. On the second pick, there is a large flat spot in the top of the runner and some nasty casting bumps around it. Here are some shots after grinding and rough sanding. No more flat spot: No more ridge and valley: Here are a couple of the finished intake bowls: I hope to have the rest of the intake side done by the end of the week......