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  1. Replaced my ujoints and threw the old ones away not realizing they had a lifetime warranty. If I have a physical ujoint to return to them they'll honor my warranty. So I'm wondering if anyone's got any old greasable ujoints laying around?
  2. renteria1217

    Injectors, local or order new?...

    So after running these injectors for over 1000 miles now. I have to say I'm not really as impressed as I hoped I'd be. The injectors rattle just as much as my last ones. not any quieter or smoother operating as claimed. They do put out a little more haze when cruising, but not too bad. More than my last ones though. The truck seems to start a couple seconds slower than before. Not sure why that would be. On my vp44 truck it was too much fuel that caused this. Didn't think it was the same on a common rail. Might be a slight power increase, but its hard to tell. It may need better tuning and a better turbo so I can actually turn up the fuel. I'm afraid to go past 3/3 on the tst because the turbo sounds like its really spooling hard. Hit 46 psi, on this lvl. The one good thing I can say is I'm getting slightly better fuel economy. Maybe 1-2 mpg better, and that's driving pretty hard and getting on it more than normal. Overall I would not spend what I did on these injectors again($3420). I'd probably go with a larger well named brand in the future. Though I am hopeful that with some more tuning and another turbo these things will shine. We shall see...
  3. renteria1217

    Sighhhhhh. No brake lights on my 02.

    I could use some tips on changing my transylvania. That's one i haven't done LOL I'm sorry I couldn't resist. Glad to see you got your problem fixed. If you need pointers on the ball joints make sure you holler. I've done about 4 sets now. It's not too bad. The moogs, I bought came with lifetime warranty too. The first time around I didn't grease because I ASSumed they came pregreased. They didn't, so I had to replace them about a year later and they honored the warranty no questions asked.
  4. renteria1217

    Injectors, local or order new?...

    Haven't seen a bad review yet so I'm sure it will be good. I'm thinking I'll be very glad you turned me on to these.
  5. renteria1217

    Injectors, local or order new?...

    Muddy is ordering me a set of bbi stage 1's. Can't wait to get them in this weekend. Thanks for the help! I'll report back once we've got them in and running.
  6. renteria1217

    Injectors, local or order new?...

    Hey thank you Brian for all the info. I feel much more educated than before. With all the knowledge I have now I almost want to call the injection shop I mentioned and drill them with some questions. I'm really curious to know what they say about their reman process.
  7. renteria1217

    Injectors, local or order new?...

    I'm pretty much sold on the bbi's. Not sure if I want to go with the stage 1's or the stage 1.5's. I'm really hoping to improve my 11.5 mpg, but at some point i may want to make over 700hp. I don't really want to have to drop another $4k on injectors to do that though. I've also seen these injectors have gone on sale before. Any idea if there will be any sales on these in the near future. Or is there any chance of a discount if a few of us buy at once?
  8. renteria1217

    Edge juice w/CTS for 98.5-2001 Cummins

  9. renteria1217

    Injectors, local or order new?...

    Right, I didn't mean how hard would it be for me. But a diesel injection shop that specializes in this should be able to get it right after several hundred I would think. What is it about injectors that make them so hard to rebuild. They can't be anymore complicated than a vp44 could rebuilt could they? I'll talk to muddy and see what he has to say about injector options, prices, connections, etc. Or if anyone else wants to chime in feel free.
  10. renteria1217

    Injectors, local or order new?...

    Also, I'm not opposed to a little bit bigger injectors. Don't want to go so big that my mileage goes down, but I do want to build more power and will probably get a bigger turbo soon too. Not sure what size would be ideal, but if I can't build over 50hp with 50's then I'll go bigger.
  11. renteria1217

    Injectors, local or order new?...

    Sorry I forgot to update my sig. So no these aren't for the 98.5, they're for the 2004.5. I kinda thought it sounded too good to be true. But at the same time the shop has a great rating. How hard can it be to rebuild injectors correctly? They're way too overpriced new! If you guys know of somewhere better to order from I'm all ears. I didn't realize they were that easy to install. I can do it, but might still tale you up on that Mopar man. I've talked to you a lot over the phone about the vp44. Would be cool to meet you and gain some of your seemingly infinite knowledge of the cummins:)
  12. So it's about time for injectors. Have always thought I'd order them new because of what I've read on the forums. But today I decided to call around and see what I could find local. Mastertech in Boise quoted me $2400 for rebuilt 50hp over injectors installed. Includes new fuel filter. Also, they are bosch certified and they have a 4 or 5 star customer rating. The injectors come with a 12 month unlimited mile warranty. The guy says they sell about 100-150 a month. What do you guys think?
  13. renteria1217

    98.5 24v Cummins Ram 2500 4x4

  14. renteria1217

    98.5 24v Cummins Ram 2500 4x4

    Asking $9800.00. Tons of new parts. Built transmission with billet torque converter and upgraded parts. Still under warranty. New ball joints (moog), steering stabilizer, power steering pump, power steering gear box, brand new injection pump last summer (its always had 18psi fuel pressure), new 100gph lift pump, new brake rotors and pads. Probably some things im missing. Truck currently has about 245k miles and it's easily going to go double that. I have put alot of money replacing and upgrading everything that goes wrong with this generation of dodge cummins and have taken very good care of this truck. It is my work truck so it's not the cleanest prettiest truck, but it will take you anywhere and it is very fun to drive. Its very mechanically solid. Its also got an intake, is straight piped and has 285 toyo mud terrains. Has one ton axle and a trailer brake controller too, but its rarely used because I've hardly towed with it. Used mainly to haul stuff in bed. Gets great gas mileage, about 15/16 mpg (usually loaded down) in town and consistently gets 22-24mpg on the highway. Don't really want to sell. I've put more money into this teuck than im asking. Call or text Mike at (208)761-6386
  15. Comes with hot unlock so 6 levels of power. Have a frame/mounting bracket for it. Also has all the sensors, fuel presume sensor, exhaust gas temperature, etc. Asking $700. Call Mike at (208)761-6386