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  1. carharttfarmer

    91 ford 1ton 7.3 5speed $800

  2. carharttfarmer

    New Bumper!!

    all i have hit with mine id a road sign turning around
  3. carharttfarmer

    New Bumper!!

    did you have to cut it any to get it to fit on the 06 ? and it does add alot of piece of mind came within feet of hitting deer 3 times with mine this year
  4. carharttfarmer

    $500 12 valve

  5. carharttfarmer

    cheap road armor in payette

    your welcome its just to bad i cant find any good deals on stuff i don't already have now comes finding out if your a wuss or not by how ya put it everthing online the use jacks shop cranes or 5 guys mine i grabbed one side and my dad grabbed the other and it was done but watch out they can be a real pain to get adjuted side to side and headlight to bumper clearnce cuz they move indepent of each other and fender flares can make this worse (will rub right threw the powder coat)
  6. carharttfarmer

    cheap road armor in payette

    http://boise.craigslist.org/pts/1348376424.html called an he wont sell the lights seperate so really good deal for somebody
  7. carharttfarmer

    $1900 first gen in emmett

    can't find it anymore hope its not the one listed for 3500 on a dealer lot
  8. carharttfarmer

    $1900 first gen in emmett

    ad still up though
  9. carharttfarmer

    $1900 first gen in emmett

    not on tovotavanpeople closet i have come to a toyota is hauling one off the side of the road friday night but i do crusie quite a few gun forums
  10. carharttfarmer

    $1900 first gen in emmett

    sounds like a good deal http://boise.craigslist.org/cto/1322900153.html
  11. carharttfarmer

    craigslist for cummins conv

    http://boise.craigslist.org/cto/1298081277.html pretty cheap and not to far away
  12. carharttfarmer

    06 48re tranfer case t conveter

  13. carharttfarmer

    edge juice with attide for 06

  14. carharttfarmer

    cold running cummins

    well it takes for ever to warm up and the gauge will move slightly higher as things cycle but not much but it ran this way since new so i would assume the guage is right but ya the radiator is huge and the fan runs all the time so there is a lot of air moving all the time the intercooler is close to 4ft wide but only probable 18inches tall but has to be close to a foot thick and there is no muffler the motor actually kind of quiet for turning 2600 the hydrolic whine on the other hand can be heard for a long ways
  15. carharttfarmer

    cold running cummins

    this is cummins i have been driving most lately theres a 185hp 5.9 under the hood ad the second pic is the engine temp after 6 hrs of running wide open in 100 degree weather wish my truck would run this cold