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  1. I have some old Heavy Metal magazines and Gallery I can send, send me his address I don't make it to Idaho much.
  2. pipe539

    If anything the turbo sounds cool

    That's a funny sound If I herd that in the woods I'd freak out a little.
  3. pipe539

    hows the gumint gonna screw with us?????????

    I have seen A spray that you put on your plates that make it unidentifiable by traffic cams.
  4. pipe539

    chrome removal

    will that soak in I thought that stuff just removed the residue after trying to get stickers off. these covers are chrome covered plastic. I'll give it a try. thanks
  5. pipe539

    chrome removal

    Does anyone know how to remove them chrome door handle covers that won't screw up the stock black handle part? And won't screw up the covers. So i might be able to resell them I assume they are held on with some kind of sticker?
  6. pipe539

    Howdy All

    I'm Dan from MN. 99 cummins Told me about this place. I want to do things to my truck but don't know where to start, but kinda have an idea of what i want to do. Probably start with exhaust and intake to get better mileage then I was thinking the the Edge product. I have already gutted the tork tube and removed the silencer ring. so looking back I do know what i want to do. At the moment I am kinda torn on projects My first addiction is my jeep that I can't haul anywhere because I don't have a trailer, Thanks to 99 cummins I have Parts to make a trailer. Any way I have my own stump pulling vid I'll post for giggles, but its not as impressive as others I've seen.
  7. pipe539

    My Current Trailer Project

    nice, some day I'll get a GN trailer,
  8. pipe539

    Hey Pipe539, Jump In Here

    Yea I thought I'd check it out. not much to say at the moment. I guess i feel a little out of place being in MN. Still very new to the Diesel seen so I am learning all i can at the moment. This place looks good, I'll try not to put my foot in my mouth.