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  1. That thing is still for sale on CL, nice purpose built rig, unfortunately not a practical daily though.
  2. Road Salt & Rust in Idaho

    I was out in ohio back in September, it blew me away to see trucks newer than mine missing large chunks of body panels due to rust. Thankfully there isn't much of that here.
  3. Ada County Smog

    I finally did have to test the cummins, passed perfectly, of course being pretty much stock I wasn't to worried. Even with my edge on now, I don't expect any issues as it won't smoke at all without a load and even then it's just a small puff.
  4. This will fix my tranny

    Glad I saw this, I was wondering what the difference was between the two. I know which way to go now should I encounter this issue.
  5. Every time I come back to the site I have to login even though I hit the "remember me" button each time. What gives?
  6. Ada County Smog

    My 86 F-250 was the only diesel I ever had to smog. I never got a request to test my 93 F-250 or my cummins.
  7. Lady dun scuffed my vehicle

    I should get my truck back tomorrow. I've been driving a rented 2016 Fusion for the last week. It's a nice car, but it's too quiet.
  8. I spent a whole day washing and waxing and dusting my truck just to have an old lady run into it 2 days later. I was making a left turn on a solid green arrow and she was making a right turn from the opposite side of the intersection. She went into my lane and hit my tire and rubbed down the side of my fender and door. Thankfully no injuries as we were both only going a few miles per hour. She had insurance too...because I would have lost my mind if I had to deal with that again. She was cited for failure to yield. The estimate for repairs is about $1500 to rework my door and fender. I mostly just lost some paint and have a crease in my door. Her SUV looks a little worse.
  9. Finally killed my NV4500 in my 02 Dodge Ram

    Nice work, glad it's rolling again. I dropped off my 4spd for the stang, not looking good so far, I may need a new case. I also got a quote for the truck when it dies. $4700 for the towing setup. Nice guys down there at ultimate, asked what I needed and didn't just try to sell me the high end of everything.
  10. Driveshaft rebuilding?

    Good luck. I've always gone to Jims Drivetrain here in Boise, he's swapped plenty of gears and built several driveshafts for me. The best part is I usually end up paying about $100 less than he quotes me.
  11. Power rating on my 2001?

    The steering is my biggest issue, new gear box has more slop than the old one. I guess I could bring an extra new box just in case the other one can't be adjusted. I could then return the new one or warranty the first one.
  12. Power rating on my 2001?

    I'm not sure, you invited me...offered to help sort out my mess. I imagined it would be like an episode of pimp my ride.
  13. Power rating on my 2001?

    Guages were the first thing I got. Power mods will most likely have to wait until the transmission dies and is rebuilt or converted to manual. I don't know if it's original with 190k miles or if it was rebuilt by the PO. It still works fine and i'm not brave enough to ask my wife for $5k to fix a transmission that isn't broken yet. I did the BHAF and my stacks and it makes plenty of power to move my fat ass and what ever is on my trailer. I plan on heading to MoparMans place eventually, things are just still crazy around here. My wife just opened up her own pet grooming salon in meridian, my bro-in-law is getting his drivers license soon so I been fixing up their old wrangler so it's reliable for him, and my other friend had 2 of her kids move back in with her so I been having to fix their cars as well.
  14. Power rating on my 2001?

    That's nice to know, I just got 20 more hp for nothing, lol.