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  1. Sycostang67

    Redneck towing

    On the plus side, it probably crippled itself the moment they put any kind of weight on it.
  2. Sycostang67

    3rd Gen 17" wheels "SOLD"

    Wheels have been sold.
  3. Sycostang67

    3rd Gen 17" wheels "SOLD"

    Set of 4 3rd gen 17" wheels, got some scratches but otherwise good shape. Comes with lug nuts and 7 center caps. Price is $200. PM me if interested.
  4. Sycostang67

    Tranny go boom

    Mine is just a low stall billet single disc converter. I opted for a tow/haul build on my transmission.
  5. Sycostang67

    Tranny go boom

    I'm making less than half the power required to break my transmission, it's good for 650hp and I may be in the 300hp area.
  6. Sycostang67

    Let's see your exhaust

    Last year my truck dripped so much of what ever they used on our roads that my driveway melted.
  7. Sycostang67

    Thoughts on drilled and slotted rotors

    I ended up doing my rear brakes about a year after I got my truck. There was no noise or vibrations until one day it started chirping, checked them that weekend and the pad was gone and rotor chewed. I figured it would have made noise long before that point. I just put regular pad and rotors on then learned of the 3rd gen upgrade a few months later. It took awhile to find the wheels at a decent price, most people want $400+ for corroded/rashed 3rd gen rims. I managed to get mine with only some minor scratches for $180.
  8. Sycostang67

    Thoughts on drilled and slotted rotors

    Whoa, your old rotors were toast. I was asking $40 for the pads and rotors, no calipers as I reused those. My truck is factory rear disc. The 3rd gen upgrade consists of replacing the caliper brackets, rotors and pads while the calipers are the same. I did all 4 wheels and it made a very noticeable difference. I had recently installed the 17" 3rd gen wheels and gotten larger tires (33.4") and the bigger brakes made the truck feel like I was stopping with stock sized tires again.
  9. Sycostang67

    Tranny go boom

    I wasn't planning on the billet input but eventually decided it would be good insurance. I got screaming deal on a billet flywheel too when the one they ordered turned out to be wrong. Truck was in the shop for 2 weeks, I hadn't been without a truck since I was 16. I had to borrow my sisters truck one day for a dump run and as usual I got stuck working on it too.
  10. Sycostang67

    Let's see your exhaust

    Running a 4" Diamond Eye down pipe, 4" straight pipe to 5" aussie stacks. No issues with soot or drone. I'm actually kind of disappointed with how quiet it is.
  11. Sycostang67

    Thoughts on drilled and slotted rotors

    I'm too late lol. I have a set of rotors and pads from my 01 with 10k miles. I did the 3rd gen brake upgrade and didn't want to toss them because they still have tons of life left. Sounds like you got it taken care of though.
  12. Sycostang67

    Idaho Turbo Diesels Dinner Meet. Wed Dec 20th

    I had planned to come this time, but my mother had arranged a meeting for my daughter to meet Santa at 7:00. The last thing I need is another angry female.
  13. That thing is still for sale on CL, nice purpose built rig, unfortunately not a practical daily though.
  14. Sycostang67

    Road Salt & Rust in Idaho

    I was out in ohio back in September, it blew me away to see trucks newer than mine missing large chunks of body panels due to rust. Thankfully there isn't much of that here.
  15. Sycostang67

    Ada County Smog

    I finally did have to test the cummins, passed perfectly, of course being pretty much stock I wasn't to worried. Even with my edge on now, I don't expect any issues as it won't smoke at all without a load and even then it's just a small puff.