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  1. Massey makes some great little tractors. I just purchased a Kubota L3901 HST due to the resale value being better than the rest. The Masseys have a forward and reverse pedal side by side and the hydraulics are a little faster than the Kubota.
  2. I had my notifications turned off, On now,
  3. http://redoubtnews.com/event/gun-rally-capitol-2017/
  4. What did you ever decide to do with that exhaust brake I sent your way? If your not going to us en it I'll take it back for a project.

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    2. D/UNIT


      At the time I didn't need it since my truck was running a non lock up auto. But since then I've converted it to a manual 4wheel drive and going to be towing a tractor. 

      If you are going to use it make me an offer. But I'd really like to have an exhaust brake on my truck.

    3. millco


      As busy as I've been, it would probably be best for both of us if I just got it back to you!  If I get it back to Boise, would you be able to grab it?  How about at the dinner meet?

    4. D/UNIT


      we could do that. 209-420-2862, I dont check on here very often

  5. Ended up completing the build.
  6. Ya, should be a fun event. Numerous friends are going. Im gonna go check it out.
  7. I have a new forged 80% lower for sale. no serial numbers. black anodized, Operations left to be completed include fire control/trigger group milling, trigger pin, hammer pin, trigger slot, 50.00 for lower SUB MOA jig with end mills and drill bits available for 100.00 (can do with drill press but need a indexing vise)100.00 for jig Link with pics https://boise.craigslist.org/spo/5502927984.html
  8. I'm pretty sure it's gone. Was a good deal
  9. I ran across a channel I subscribe to and noticed lumpdog made it to the Motor Trend Channels Top truck challenge. way to go Chris https://youtu.be/wBDQtcp-Mc0
  10. Hey Muddy, Im pretty sure Swank had a few that were interested. do you have his contact info or a way to contact him?
  11. I can do any sat or sunday. just keep me posted
  12. disregard. I found one. thanks form your help.
  13. So where we at on this? Do we have enough peeps to get a good price. im ready to go.