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  1. Smokin ACE

    Trans Temp Sending Unit Install Help

    I took the sensor out of mine that kicks it out of OD when it hits like 280* or something like that, then I put my sensor there where it was in the hot line. I had to run a jumper wire in the other plug and taped it up so it would go into OD I've heard of people putting them in the pan but I've heard thats not as accurate, You can also get those accutemp adapters that just clamp around the lines.
  2. Smokin ACE

    DIY LED Front Marker Lights

    Check harbor freight, heard they are cheap but you gotta put better bulbs in.
  3. Smokin ACE

    DIY LED Front Marker Lights

    that looks sweet
  4. Smokin ACE

    SE Idaho LB7 driver

    welcome, good to see another southeastern guy on here
  5. Smokin ACE

    got 4200 governor spring in

    I think that was Justin, he said he did that on the other forum. But yeah i was amazed, and that was just at idling! not sure if i wanna know what it'd look like if it ranaway
  6. Smokin ACE

    What do you ride?

    Got a 2004 Polaris 700 Vertical Edge with SLP single pipe with straight pipe(no can, and yes its loud ha ha), SLP intake, Tri-city clutching, 151 track, Powder Pro Skis, I'll post up some pics when i get home.
  7. Smokin ACE

    got 4200 governor spring in

    Well I got the 4200 governor spring in the other day, I had the time to do it so tore into my pump and put it in. I also fixed my fuel leak while I had the top off that has been leaking for 2 years (throttle shaft O-ring). It was kind of a pain to get that tight 4200 spring hooked back up to the top hat since its a much thicker and tighter spring but I got it. Went to fire it up and it wouldn't run unless I gave it some throttle, it was idling way too low and would die, so i re indexed my throttle and now it runs great. Throttle is way touchy and snappy but I like it. You barely touch it and your already at 2000 rpm. I wanna put this 5000 back on and see how well it spools now because it gets up much quicker. Seems to have a little more pull on top end, but I need to get better lift pump in, 60 lb springs and studs til i really open er up. Oh and it didn't runaway, it does the same thing as before, as soon as it hits about 1200 rpm in neutral it just takes off on its own til i let off. I thought it was close to runaway so to be prepared if it did I put a plastic bag over my filter before I did all this to see if it would kill it in case it ran away... BAD idea! it worked and killed it, but it scrunched up my filter and my rubber elbow that connects to the turbo and that was just idling! So i bent my filter back out, but it has a nice wrinkle in it now, I recommend just using a board.
  8. Smokin ACE

    Exhaust Manifolds

    check out BBD diesel, they have some good deals on stuff, and I think they have an aftermarket manifold on there for pretty cheap.
  9. Smokin ACE

    WTB HX35 56MM Compressor wheel

    I got one, I think its a 56mm, but I'd have to check for sure. Not sure if i'm gonna use it yet or not.
  10. Smokin ACE

    In need of

    Yeah I've seen those at genos and my buddy has one on his 92, its pretty sweet.
  11. Smokin ACE

    WTB 47RH 4x4 Transmission

    good luck, they are tough to find. Luckily I got mine from a wrecked 1 ton truck for a pretty good price, pulled the motor and trans and got a discount on it.
  12. Smokin ACE

    New diesel girl

    welcome! my mom's name is Annette also
  13. Smokin ACE

    I'm looking for a used truck.

    yep, ya just can't beat the reliability of the ol 12 valve cummins. It'll do what you need it to and always run for you.
  14. Smokin ACE

    FREE Gauges

    count me in too
  15. Smokin ACE

    Chrome 5'' stack

    how tall is it? and looks like it has one small dent in it?