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  1. Shaner

    awesome tj/lj pickup

    Love it!! That's bad ass
  2. Shaner

    3rd Gen Cabin Air Filter Mod...?

    I haven't seen the 3rd gen mod but Ive been trying to find time to do it on both my 4th gens. Again been trying to find the time lol
  3. Shaner

    Ticking or clicking noise

    Probably need to adjust your valves.
  4. Shaner

    Be safe My Freiends

    lmao I ALWAYS read the comments below before I click on the link so I am goona pass on that link LOL
  5. what is the 223 ammo

  6. Shaner


    I have access to probably 10,000 rounds of 9mm and 223 if anyone is interested.
  7. Shaner

    Buying New Truck! Need some help...

    06-07.5 is also my favorite year of the 3rd gen there easy to work on. Filtration is key to running good and no issues IMO..
  8. Now my other truck that still has all the Oboma bullshit on it. 14 mpg is best and its got donuts on it lol....
  9. Exactly moose!!! Hell I can take a pic of it when it says 20 mpg if that makes you feel better LMAO. With the 37's on the hwy I avg'd 17 mpg coming down from Idaho this last trip. With the 35's I averaged 18-18.25. Town driving is 13-15 depending on traffic etc... And it has been tuned by Pat and Moose at Big twin with a h and s tuner..
  10. Thanks muddy... It looks good when it's clean but that's about it.. Working in dusty oilfields it doesn't stay clean long lol...
  11. The last 24k miles have been with the new nitto mud terrains also!!
  12. Well If I had drove home the last 2-3 times I would have easily hit 100k in a year but the drive from Texas to Idaho pretty much sucks.... So it took me 15 months to hit 100k lol. Only thing the truck has been in the shop for is a cam shaft position sensor which went out within the first 5000 miles. Ive changed my own oil every 10-15k along with fuel filters. I always use dell 400 and Napa Gold filters. I need to adjust my valves and do a valve lash but the truck runs good. I had all the fluids drained (tranny, diff, etc...) at 70k and all tranny filters replaced. I really like these newer 6.7's or atleast this one LOL. Hopefully this doesn't bite me in the ass as I knock on wood but maybe well hit 200k and zero issues.
  13. Shaner

    2011 Dodge 2500 ST

    I will look tomorrow and see if I have enough tint to do your tail lights I think it would really set it off!!
  14. Shaner

    2011 Dodge 2500 ST

    Pics don't do it justice!! Saw it in person today and its a clean rig!! I'm pretty partial to silver lol! Or was...
  15. Shaner

    New Turbos

    Hell yeah moose!!! congrats